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Friday July 18th 2014, 12:14 pm
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The Harmonic Portal 
2014 – 2038 – 2075 – Anchoring the 3rd Coming
Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

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The Harmonic Portal 
2014 – 2038 – 2075 – Anchoring the 3rd Coming
Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn
Greeting Masters, I am Metatron, Lord of Light ! This day we speak of the co creation, of the Harmonic Trigger occurring in Year Two of the New Earth. It is an especially important and timely message. We speak of the Portal of Harmony and of the Cristos. We speak of 2014, of 2038, of 2075. We speak of the NOW.

The Portal of Harmony

An extraordinary Harmonic Portal is opening in Year Two of the New Paradigm of the Planet Earth. It is the ‘ Harmony Portal ‘. As we have told you, it will initiate on the March Equinox of 2014 and flowers into exquisite full potency on the April Solar Eclipse and follows in peak potency thru the June Solstice. It is an utterly astonishing coded energy that will plant the seeds of World Peace.

It is appropriate is it not, that this will initially be received in the ‘Cristos Umbilical’, the (expansive) Vortexial Portal of the Temple Mount in Israel. It will then be anchored and relayed to specific major infinity points across the earth and globally envelope the planet. Indeed it is a time to quest, to gather; a unique time to receive and project what is given. This phase offers an opportunity for the seeds of world peace to be anchored & planted in areas of conflict, especially the Middle East….and certain Master Code Carriers are called to be present, called to return….for many of these are ones who walked with the Christ two millennia ago.

It is a sacred path, a soul contract. Others are Earthplane incarnate Sirian-Pleiadean Star-Seed, a collective of what may be termed ‘Gridwerkers’, and are called to both anchor and calibrate vibratory resonance of the new energies of the Sacred Ark below the Temple Mount, and coordinate with other versions of this extraordinary transdimensional device located in other geo-infinity points on the earth.

Seconds, Thirds & More…

But the ‘Harmony Portal’ is much more. And what we share here may astound some of you, comfort others and offend the rigid orthodox and naysayer.  It is what Christianity refers to as the second-coming, but as we have shared this immaculate energy has manifested on the earth many times.

Jesua ben Josef represented the ‘humanity’ pattern in completing the full process of mastering duality …  but he had incarnated many times before. Yet from the stance of your present religious – historical perspective the Judea incarnation is considered as the first. The ‘second-coming’ is actually the third from this view. The second occurred with Paul of Tarsus, who received the Cristos energy and is responsible in many ways for the advance of Christianity throughout Europe and the western world. Yet even what was given in integrity was adjusted to the understanding capacity & mentality of the time.  A time in which few were educated.

Year Two of the New Paradigm, 2014 is indeed the preparatory phase, the requisite formatting & anchoring of the frequencies for the Return of the Cristos….the hallowed and prophesied return of ‘Sacred Truth’, embodied.

But to be clear, this is NOT the deviation, not the caricaturized mythic figure associated with the fear-based dogma of organized patriarchal religion. For indeed the charlatans & merchants of distortion, corruption and pretense will be again spewed from the Planetary Temple. The new Cristos Avatar will not be born in a manger, but there will be some appropriate & natural correlations to the Judean drama. The Avatar will not proclaim to be a savior, rather a way shower. A teacher of the Truth that man can realize their ‘God -Nature’ in higher self and learn individual responsibilities of their reality creation.

2038 – A Year of Destiny 

2038 is a year of destiny, and it will occur. It is beyond probable reality, and you have made it so. It is a year shown in the Great Pyramid and it is now in place and in progress. It will represents the completion of the New Firmament, a further movement into crystalline nonpolarity. The arc swing of duality lessens as the time approaches. 2038 represents the ’3rd coming’

The true Cristos Avatar energy will return after 2038 and be in full service of unconditional love to humanity by 2068 and be mission-completed by 2075.

By this phase in linear time patriarchal and other such organized religions will be in virtual shambles, and the Avatar will not embrace them. No ! Rather will the Cristos undermine their charade and hypocrisy, and advocate the individual relationship of humanity directly to individual higher self as primary God-source. The time of condemnation myths and fairy tales has passed. God self will be taught. The new Cristos Gestalt will represent the absence of what you term as ‘evil’, and the truth of co creation. The truth that you create your perceived reality through projected belief.

Only Now in the New Earth

The ‘Portal of Harmony’ download & up-shift could not have occurred in pre ascension planetary resonance. The potent coded portal comes not by chance at this vector and time, for it is calibrated now to the expansive dimensional fields of the New Earth.

In the dawning of the 2014 Aquarian vibratory field, in the ‘Portal of Harmony’ the codes will be received & anchored and the stage set. It is the download of an exquisite coded energy of coherent light, which is up-shifted to influence and pattern the currently transitioning paradigm. It is an offering and template enabling a higher knowledge to a humanity of more advanced frontal brain intellect.

Accordingly the misconstrued concept of original sin,  unworthiness, and the  myth of a vengeful angry God with  fears of devils and hell fire that were programmed in so many of you can  be diminished. The dogmatic distortions of control thru fear  that were taught by governing political bodies (in the guise of religion) for several millennia can no longer serve.

Fear is the great destroyer. Fear was indeed interspersed with half-truths in mimicry.  Tainted truths are not truth. Dwelling in fear, you will attract it to you. It is the Law of Attraction. Believing in evils, you will of course perceive them.   And Masters…in belief & perception you create, you project into manifestation the reality you experience.

The Harmonic Trigger

In the Harmonic Trigger, all shadow is being removed. Revealed in light, and light is truth. This light will in time absolutely transform your world.

The new energy, the Cristos insert will ingrain the essential truth & knowledge that humankind in mass & individually create reality according to the nature of their belief. Period !  Have we not told you that he Earthplane is a purposed illusion? A special ‘ University ‘ in which you have chosen to learn responsible creation?

Service for the Code Carriers

So those of you that have been called to visit and receive within what is termed as ‘power-nodes, sacred sites & vortexial-portals, are being called to service in the Portal of Harmony in 2014, Year Two of the New Earth. It is the Harmonic Trigger. If you thought 2012 was the end, we would tell you otherwise. 2012 was the beginning…your work is not done! Pick up the gloves ! You are beckoned, the clarion calls for those of such mettle and heart to continue.

The Mission

Those of you called to Israel, will feel the draw, but you must go in fearless clarity & coherent theta resonance.  You are the front bearers of this quest and courage is requisite. Faith is required. You cannot move into theta clarity whilst looking over your shoulder. You cannot anchor the codes in 3d or doubt. Fear will not serve. As such the quest to the Holylands is filtered. It is not exclusion rather an appropriate matching to vector.

Some among you will be called to go to other specific sacred sites, infinity points and receive, and anchor the distribution of the Harmonic Trigger across the depths and heights of the globe. And indeed this is of equal importance.

The Harmonic Trigger is about humanity rising above the 3rd dimension of duality. It is about ascending to the 12th dimension, and indeed the matrix of the planet expanded to 12 in 2012. Now is your call to duty. It is humanities time to rise above duality in theta coherency and co creates the World of Peace.

Masters, we tell you that a powerful sense of well being is essential. We understand that for those of you rigidly fixed in 3d consciousness that forming an unyielding belief in good without a belief in what your religious texts refer to as evil seems illogical.  And rooted in 3d, you would not be impeached for such a conclusion.

But rising into the 12th dimension requires an understanding that polarity-duality does not reside above 3d. Expansive thinking is needed.  An individual explaining his or her reality can only explain what he or she knows.

The New Earth allows for enhanced theta coherence obtained in pineal exploration. It opens new concepts. It is possible because the magnetic (polarity grid) has diminished, and is replaced by the Crytos (144 Crystalline) Grid of integral field, of nonpolarity. A new world is opening. Humanity can now explore higher states, higher dimensions much more easily….but effort is required.

Different Attributes of Higher Dimension

Dear Ones, dimensions have differing attributes, varying conceptual boundaries. Just as scuba divers know that physical laws differ in an aqueous field, so does the intra-dimensional traveler need to understand that each dimension has differing attributes.

The conditions and situation in each dimension absolutely vary. Expansion is not only possible, it is required. Again, such differences will challenge the intellect.

Imagine a world of nonduality in which only good exists.  It may indeed offend the 3d logical brain that requires concise answers and descriptions that coincide tidily with your accepted beliefs & parameters of mainstream ‘science’.  But you must rise above brain to enter higher mind. The savant, the serious student of reality must expand and realize that physical senses sending neurons to frontal 3d brain will tell you things, which are not accurate, not entirely true. In pineal a higher caliber of sensory perception occurs.

You of rigid concept will in fact see exactly what you expect to see in most cases. It is a mental ‘Catch-22′ that is a wide reaching conundrum … even affecting the results of many of your ‘sophisticated ‘ scientific experiments. Human physical senses perceive a reality that is a result of expectation & belief.

As we have stated, and herein re-emphasize — Dwelling in fear, you will attract it to you.  Believing in evils, you will perceive them. In belief & perception you create, you project into manifestation the reality you experience.

The Path Not Taken

It is the dawn of a new paradigm. New roads are opening that beckon travel. It is the path least taken. Your world has not yet tried the experiment as yet which would release you. The New Paradigm will open the way for the return of the Cristos, and it will be a refreshed message.

The original message was stepped down even by the messengers in order for it to be understandable to the somewhat limited intellectual mind set of the time. But the message Christianity as you have known it since the 3rd century AD until today is a distortion of the original message and its precepts. The original concepts were misunderstood, changed…and as such, hardly given the chance

The new message, the expansive understanding that will be given offers new potentials to transform your world. It will be based on co creation. It contains not only the seeds of world peace, but the energy of personal transformation for each individual. Transformation to co creation is in theta field brought into the 12th dimensional paradigm. A valid and vital resonance that can be achieved…a frequency that is nonpolarity … in which only ‘good’ exists.

And Masters, it is time to receive the codes that allow for this shift.

For if these concepts are embraced and followed individually and collectively, then by 2038 and forward, the evidence of humanities collective senses, and we refer to physical senses, would find no contradiction. They would fearlessly perceive the world and all existence as positive & good. And thus create it as such!

This is the road not yet taken, the experiment that has not been tried, and these are the noble truths that you must learn. For those of you who find a world without fear & evil to be logically absurd, you still perceive in ‘old energy ‘ and are not quite ready. Or perhaps better stated you are stuck in 3d duality.

Shadow is being removed by light, and light is truth. This will absolutely transformyourworld. The new energy, the Cristos insert will ingrain the essential truth & knowledge that humankind in mass & individually createrealityaccordingtothenatureofbelief. There will be an understanding of your true cosmology. Your extra terrestrial heritage and multidimensional nature will become clear. There will be no claims of a Savior required to rescue the righteous.

Humanity will learn that abundance is self created by removing the mentality of lack and lingering false belief in pious ‘poverty vows’ as a means of purity. Religious organizations that require money for penance & tithing for acceptance will fall to the side. Spirit is not short of cash.

There are those among you who say that everything happens as it should. Take a look at the world around you and reconsider.

If everything happened exactly as it should there would be no need to ‘karmically’ reincarnate.

In the Portal of Harmony, in the umbilical of the Temple Mount, seeds of change are coming. These are codes that allow for Spiritual rebirth on a Global Scale. It is an energy that is synergistic in redesign and symbiotic in redefining fearless relationships on an individual and mass scope. This period will offer in the near term a catalystic opportunity for World Peace to be seeded in areas of conflict, especially the Middle East. This is the Portal of Harmony and the Trigger is the Eclipse and Solstice.


It is time to take responsibility and consciously creating the world you desire, in good, in pure goodness.  Dear Ones, 3d will not disappear, and the ability to master 3d is in facing its challenges & rising above it, with feet planted firmly on the ground.  It is not about wearing rose colored glasses, or escapism …  it is about mastering each level of the curriculum. It is about learning and moving forward. It is time to try a new path. One without fear.

Earthplane life is a highly purposed dream that can be composed in harmonic movements called ‘lifetimes’. You are the composer and conductor that create your succint & beautiful symphony.  And in the finished product there will be not only the credentials of growth and accomplishment, but the knowledge from higher stance that the laborious construction of the symphony was as sublimely exquisite as the finale.  And from that higher plane, you will look down and see that there was a reason for everything.

That time is coming and it beckons. 2014 is the entry of the Portal of Harmony ! Do you hear the call?

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.  

And so it is…And it is So…


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The Holylands Pilgrimage Mission
April 30 – May 8, 2014
On the Solar Eclipse,  New Moon & Cosmic Aquids Meteor Flux
Anchoring the Harmonic Portal

    The Call

Our Holylands Pilgrimage is carefully timed in Year Two of the New Earth. There are new codes being received and anchored in the mega portal of the Temple Mount, which is truly one of the most powerful ‘Navals’ of the planet. 
Our Earth-Keeper Holylands pilgrimage is a ‘Sacred’  Soul-Contract for the Master Code Carriers and Gridwerkers. It is our most important work to date. We are getting close to sell-out but have a few places still available and some of you may be feeling the call.  If you are called now is the time of courage & fearless commitment in the power of good.
The polarity Magnetic Grid has been replaced by the non-polarity Crystalline Grid, as the planet transitions into 12 dimensions. Accordingly the transmutation stabilizer * dimensional generator termed the Ark is shifting to encompass the potency of the New Planet. The  Sacred ARK is re-activating in the new 144 Grid …  and we will anchor the new codes to Harmonize the planet in the New Earth in the Cristos Paradigm. 
 It is a soul contract of the Mastery, it is an important mission for those of the Code in order to bring in the balance in the New Earth, to anchor Magdalene Divine ‘Feminine ‘ Energy & Hermetic ‘Divine Masculine ‘ into higher and highest balance….
You will not only be of service to the Harmonics of the New Earth, you will receive the new astonishing transformation of the ‘Cristos Codes’, advanced geometric frequencies that have only now become available as we enter the new phase of humanity leading to 2038. You will be re-calibrated in an advanced frequency and carry these codes in your Crystalline Lite body.
 You will attain a clarity that has never before been available … and receive the balancing  Cristos Grace of the Divine Feminine Magdalena  for balancing the energy of humanity… are you called  to this mission?
Connecting to the Cristos Harmonic in the New Earth Energies


Calling Master Code-Carriers !


 Seeing Geometric Codes ? The Star Tetrahedron ?

 Are You being Called to a mission to do you part in

Anchoring the New Harmonic Codes !

The New Energy of the Cristos is Dawning to Bring Peace & Harmony to the Planet. The Cristos Gestalt  downloads  in coded structures via  the Primary Umbilical Vortexial Portal of the Temple Mount in Israel …. Activating the Sacred ARK.


It is the Cosmic Trigger of the Cristos in the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. 




This extraordinary ‘Trigger’  occurs in the prophesied ‘ Portal of Harmony.

initially opening in the Equinox of March  and culminating on the Solar Eclipse at the end of April, forming the new vibratory resonance that disseminates on the New Moon and is amplified by the Aquids Meteors. “These are  codes that allow for a spiritual rebirth on a Global Scale. It is an energy that is synergistic in redesign and redefinition of relationships. This period offers an opportunity for the seeds of WORLD PEACE to be planted in areas of conflict, especially the MIDDLE EAST. This time will be a download of ” Unconditional Love.”



Questions ? Call 936 447-9119 or 936 522-8804 or email



Many are called at some point in their lifetime to visit the Holylands. You will not find a more spiritual, family oriented, nurturing group or more economically priced opportunity. We will visit some of the most powerful sacred sites on the planet.


Our  focus is to anchor the new energies in the Portal of Harmony in preparation of the New Cristos Field. We will sew the seeds of Peace & Harmony . But there will be times set for individual contemplation and transition.


We will also experience , al;ign & anchor many connected powerful sites in our Pilgrimage.


Author, channel and renowned sacred sites expert James Tyberonn will lead the pilgrimage. We will have time to explore the paths walked by Jesus, Mary, the Holy Family, the Disciples, Abraham and John the Baptist. These include Calvary, Mt of Olives, Temple Mount, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Mt Carmel, the Sea of Galilee, Mt of the Beatitudes, the Baptism site on the Jordan River, Petra in Jordan and the Dead Sea.


Our key ‘Earth-Code’ purpose is to anchor-in  the NEW Codes of the Harmonic Trigger  in the up-shifted Cristos Gestalt  of the NEW Earth. We are called to balance the energies and be a part of the Harmonics of activation occurring in the Sacred ARK below the Temple Mount and surrounding grid points of the Holylands, Installing the new DNA Codes of Planet Earth….and spreading the resonance globally.




If you are a Master Code Carrier, your work is not finished. There is much yet to do in Year Two of the New Planet Earth. The Ark is Awakening !

Our mission is huge, but there will be time for personal reflection and transitioning, a new connection to the Cristos Energy.


And there will be personal  time for  relaxation, and group joy & celebration.


2014 WILL BE A YEAR LIKE NO OTHER by Patricia Cota-Robles
Friday July 18th 2014, 12:02 pm
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2014 was birthed onto the screen of Life in an explosion of Light. This Light was infused with higher frequencies of Divine Love from the Divine Matrix of our Father-Mother God than Humanity has ever been able to bear. The reason the Earthly Bodies of Humanity can now withstand this much higher, more rarefied, and infinitely more powerful Light, is because of the God Victorious success of the myriad activities of Light that were accomplished in 2013 through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth.

2013 was the first year of the New Earth. For much of the time Humanity was walking with our feet in both worlds. We were receiving the incredible blessings from the 5th-Dimensional patterns of perfection on the New Earth, but at the same time we were experiencing the unfinished residue of our human miscreations that were surfacing to be healed and transmuted into Light from the old Earth.

As a result of that phenomenon, depending on where we held the focus of our attention in 2013, we frequently experienced the full spectrum of both worlds. Our thoughts and feelings reflected everything from the elation and gratitude of truly comprehending the Oneness of ALL Life, to the heart breaking extremes of separation and duality which provoked feelings of fear and total defeat. In spite of that confusing roller coaster of emotions, in 2013 Humanity moved forward in the Light by leaps and bounds.

The most significant thing that occurred for every person on the planet during the first year of the New Earth is that we individually and collectively reached the energy, vibration, and consciousness that allowed our I AM Presence to activate our dormant pineal gland. Our pineal gland is the physical brain structure through which our I AM Presence transmits the Light of God directly into our Earthly Bodies. It is also the gland through which we reach and sustain Christ Consciousness and are able to commune once again with our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven in the Realms of Illumined Truth.

As people awakened one by one over the past several decades, their I AM Presence activated their pineal gland. This enabled them to individually regain Christ Consciousness. What happened after the successful Birth of the New Earth, however, is very different. In 2013, the collective body of Humanity reached a critical mass of Divine Love that allowed the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth to activate the pineal gland in perfect alignment with his or her Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned. That event initiated the beginning of the return of Christ Consciousness within even the, as yet, unawakened masses. That activity of Light was the initial impulse of what has been called “the 2nd Coming of the Christ” in the various world religions.

Another major event that was God Victoriously accomplished in 2013 is that the Portal of Divine Love which pulsates above Italy waspermanently open to full breadth. This is the portal through which the Infinite Love that perpetually flows through the Divine Matrix of our Father-Mother God will now be able to bathe the Earth and all her Life, unimpeded by the human miscreations associated with the old Earth.

Infinite Divine Love is the very foundation of the Divine Matrix of our Father-Mother God. This Divine Matrix is, in Truth, the Body of God within which every particle and wave of Life throughout the whole of Creation lives, moves, breathes, and has its Being. Daily and hourly, the unfathomable frequencies of Infinite Divine Love within our Father-Mother God’s Matrix, are exponentially expanded by the Company of Heaven and every Ascended level of Being. With every Holy Breath these Beings of Light take, they project their Love into the Divine Matrix to bless all Creation. This collective Gift from On High is now tangibly available to each and every one of us with every breath WE take.

From the September Equinox through the December Solstice in 2013, we were Gifted with accelerated shifts within our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies that, according to the Company of Heaven, had never been attempted by the I AM Presences of Humanity in any system of worlds. The end result was God Victorious in ways that even the Company of Heaven said they did not anticipate. This unprecedented shift was accomplished at an atomic cellular in large part because of the events that took place involving the Comet ISON.

Many people have asked me if the Comet ISON caused the unusual shifts that we are experiencing with the birth 2014, so I will briefly reiterate what I previously shared about this comet. Since the initial impulse of our fall from Grace, the Company of Heaven has been assisting Humanity with our journey back to Christ Consciousness. The Comet ISON has been a factor in this Divine Intervention from the very beginning. I know that astronomers consider comets to be nothing more than dirty snowballs, but that is inaccurate. Even the most minuscule subatomic particle or wave of life pulsates with energy, vibration, and consciousness. In other words, everything that exists in the Divine Matrix of our Father-Mother God has intelligence and a purpose and reason for being.

Comets are actually forcefields of consolidated Light that pass through the atmosphere shaking the ethers and breaking down crystallized patterns and thoughtforms that no longer serve the highest good of the particular Solar System they enter. In their wake, they leave a fluid field of unmanifest Divine Potential upon which new patterns and sacred knowledge can be encoded from On High.

Since its inception, the Comet ISON was destined for this moment in the evolution and Ascension of our Solar System. Astronomers have stated that the Comet ISON is 4,500,000,000 years old, but this was the very first time it entered our Solar System. Four and one-half billion years is also the time line that coincides with the creation of our Central Sun and the Suns and Planets in our Solar System.

The Company of Heaven revealed that the Comet ISON had been preparing for its service to Earth and our Solar System since “the beginning of time.” It is not by chance that this comet completed its 4,500,000,000 year sojourn through the Divine Matrix of our Father-Mother God during this auspicious moment in the evolution of Planet Earth.

The Divine Mission of the Comet ISON was very complex, but this is what the Company of Heaven shared with us. 4,500,000,000 years ago, the Comet ISON was breathed forth from the Core of Creation simultaneously with our Solar System. At the moment of our inception, every particle and wave of Life associated with our Solar System was encoded with the full Divine Potential of our Father-Mother God and the Divine Plan for this system of worlds. Comet ISON likewise was encoded with the Divine Potential destined for our Solar System. When the Earth and Humanity fell into the chaos of separation and duality, the Comet ISON maintained the activation codes for the Divine Potential of our Solar System and Humanity’s return to Christ Consciousness as Sons and Daughters of God.

For millions of years, since our fall from Grace, the Company of Heaven has been working diligently with the I AM Presences of Humanity. The intent of this Divine Intervention was to help the Sons and Daughters of God return to the path of Divine Love and Christ Consciousness. The hope was that we would awaken in time to reclaim our position in the Solar System and to Ascend with the Earth and the rest of our Solar System into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Light during the Cosmic Moment known as The Shift of the Ages. No one knew if the masses of Humanity would awaken in time to pull this off or not, but no one was willing to give up on us.

After decades of dedication and thousands of activities of Light that were cocreated by people around the world who were working in unison with the Company of Heaven, it became crystal clear in 2012 that indeed Humanity and the Earth were going to make it through the Shift of the Ages. That is when the Comet ISON was summoned by the Mighty Elohim, the Builders of Form, to fulfill its unique facet of the Divine Plan for Planet Earth and our Solar System.

In September 2012, astronomers discovered the Comet ISON. They were astonished by the size of this rare comet that was traveling toward our Solar System. They surmised that ISON had the potential of being the “Comet of the century.” Because this comet was as old as our Solar System, scientists were looking forward to studying its properties after it completed its journey around our Sun, but that was not ISON’s Divine Plan.

On November 28, 2013, the day when the United States of America was celebrating Thanksgiving and focusing on everything we were grateful for, the mission of the Comet ISON was brought to fruition. As ISON completed the final phase of its 4,500,000,000 billion year journey, it was pulled into our Sun. In an awesome explosion of Light, Comet ISON exponentially expanded the activation codes for the Divine Potential pulsating within the core of purity in every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life associated with our entire Solar System.

On Earth, the activation of the codes for our Divine Potential meant a monumental acceleration in Humanity’s awakening process and our shift into Christ Consciousness. This incredible expansion of Light is now entering our newly activated pineal glands and assisting our I AM Presence to heal the short circuits that occurred within our original 12 Solar Strands of DNA during our fall from Grace.

The double-helix DNA containing the genetic codes that our scientists acknowledge is but a minuscule fraction of our Divine Potential. Scientists actually call 98 percent of our DNA “junk DNA,” which of course is absurd. The Divine Potential codes that were activated within each and every one of us by the Comet ISON, are now daily and hourly enhancing our ability to empower and control what we are thinking, feeling, saying, doing, believing, and remembering.

After assimilating the expansion of Light from the Comet ISON, Humanity experienced another convergence of Light from December 12th thru the Solstice on December 21st. That Light was grounded in our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies at a cellular level by our I AM Presence. That activity of Light cleared the way for Humanity to receive the full benefit of several Celestial events which took place during the closing days of 2013. Those events included a Grand Cross alignment, several enormous Solar Flares, a total reversal of polarity within our Sun’s magnetic field, and an unusually powerful New Moon. All of those powerful expansions of Light contributed to an unprecedented shift within the mass consciousness of Humanity.

Now, with the shift that has taken place within the mass consciousness of Humanity, everything has changed. In 2014, as we focus on the patterns of perfection for the New Earth, our Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love, and our newly birthed Renaissance of Divine Love, our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies will be lifted into higher 5th-Dimensional frequencies of God’s Infinite Light. Our I AM Presence will then help us to place BOTH of our feet firmly on the New Earth; this will increase our ability to transform our lives in miraculous ways.

The 2nd year of the New Earth was ushered in with a wondrous explosion of Light that bathed the Earth in untold blessings. The Beings of Light said these blessings will be quite evident as we progress through this amazing year of opportunity and transformation.

We are being told by the Company of Heaven that it is impossible for us to comprehend with our finite minds the magnitude of what the activation of the genetic codes containing our Divine Potential will mean for Humanity. A vitally important facet of what this activation will do, however, is accelerate the Divine Alchemy taking place within our Earthly Bodies. This Divine Alchemy is literally transforming our 3rd-dimensional carbon-based planetary cells into 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Cells. In 2014, we will begin to experience for the very first time in our Earthly sojourn, tangible changes in our physical body that will indicate we are indeed reversing the aging process and transforming our physical body into a Crystalline Solar Light Body.

The reason tangible physical evidence will finally occur in the process of reversing the aging process for Humanity is because when 2014 was ushered in our I AM Presence was able to received enough assistance from On High to begin the process of activating another of our dormant spiritual brain centers. This activation involves our pituitary gland, which is the master gland that controls the hormones, chemicals, processes, functions, and cellular activity in our physical body.

Our newly activated pituitary gland is now directly receiving and assimilating 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light from our pineal gland. This frequency of Light, which is beyond anything we have previously been able to withstand, is now flowing through our pineal gland into our pituitary gland and from there into every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of energy comprising our physical body. This Light is also flowing into all of the spaces in-between the particles and waves of our body.

This is just the beginning of this process, but the Company of Heaven said that amazing steps in this process will be revealed as we progress through 2014. From the information that is pouring forth from the Realms of Illumined Truth, 2014 will be a year like no other for embodied Humanity. And this is just the beginning!

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2014 – Year of Melchisadec, Magic & Mystery
Friday July 18th 2014, 12:01 pm
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From Joanna Bristow-Watkins Harmony-Healing Newsletter:

Wow, I can’t believe that 2014 is actually here. I’ve been really looking forward to it. This is not because 2103 has been awful, though I do know people who would think that, but because I am interested in numerology, which is the mystical study of numbers and the unique properties ascribed to them.  The digits of 2014 add up to 7, which makes it very special.

Seven is a magical number in folklore and mysticism. Seven is undeniably a lucky number with great influence; associated with psychic and mystical powers, secrecy and the search for inner truth.

The authority attributed to the number seven, dates back to the ancient civilisations who co-ordinated their lives with the lunar cycle, which comprises four phases each lasting just over seven days.  This is likely to explain why we have seven named days in our week (each ruled by a planet). On a separate note, this brings me to the observation that we have a close affiliation with the ruling planet connected with the day we were born in addition to the ruling planet for our element (earth, air, water, fire) as well as the zodiac. The realisation that performing celestial attunements on someone to match his/her personal profile (based on a birth chart or wedding date for example) led me to develop a new series of bespoke empowerment attunements detailed in the dedicated section below or via this special offer link.

The number seven appears frequently in our society: there are seven years to each stage of human growth, seven colours of the rainbow, seven notes in the musical scale, we have grouped our environmental miracles into TheSeven Wonders of the World and there are even seven petitions in the Lord’s Prayer and seven deadly sins.

The seventh child of a seventh child of a seventh child is said to be born with psychic ability. Mrs Heaney, our art teacher at school was said to have this ancestral heritage and I must say, that those of us unskilled at fine art certainly used this old adage to our advantage – whenever we were bored with the task at hand we would insist that she regaled us with proof that she was indeed psychically gifted. Long before the flurry of interest brought about by Harry Potter, we pupils had a fascination with ghosts and spirits and since my grammar school was founded in 1725, there were plenty of rumours to whet our appetite.

Anyway, back to my theme! To summarise, the number seven is widely held to be a lucky number, especially in matters of love and money, and is associated with Magic and Mystery,

Anyone familiar with my sister Angela McGerr‘s angelology books or who has studied my Violet Flame of Amenti course will know that Melchisadec is associated with the number Seven. He is the Patriarch of the Seven Planetary Angels and ruler of the Violet Ray.  He represents peace and wholeness through spiritual transformation. In Atlantis he was said to rule the Temple of Spirit, which represented healing and alchemy. The Temple housed a violet flame, featuring all shades of violet; a spiritual antiseptic, which transmutes negativity. It should be a great year for those who feel close to the Melchisadec energies.

Together with Joylina Goodings, we’ve already booked private access to Stonehenge for an hour from 6.15 on 7th July, so we will be inside the stone circle for 7am on the 7th day of the 7th month of this year that adds up to 7, making it a 7:7:7 in numerology. Then we’ll go on to Avebury for other energetic hotspots and our meditational walk along the Michael Leyline. Get ready for the magic …

As the theme for this issue is magic, I couldn’t resist including this link to some amazing footage of David Copperfield seemingly ‘flying’.  Whether it is a brilliant illusion or whether he has genuinely perfected an art which may be available to all of us who believe it is possible, it’s certainly magic!! I’d recommend watching it for pure entertainment.

You tube footage of David Copperfield flying (6 mins) 

“For those who believe – no explanation is necessary

For those who don’t – none will suffice” 

Joe Dunninger (mental wizard from the 1940s)

Undeniably David Copperfield is an accomplished stage performer.

David Blaine is an amazing Street Magician, so it would appear much more difficult to set up illusions requiring elaborate sets as he works outdoors in urban areas. Many of his most famous feats have taken place in highly populated areas such as central New York. These include 3 days inside a transparent tank of ice with no food or water, 7 days under water (in a tank where he was fed air and food via a tube) and an unbelievable stunt called ‘Vertigo’ involving 33 hours standing on top of a 100 foot column which was only 22 inches wide.  He was not harnessed to the column in any way and at the end of the endurance session he jumped down onto a pile of cardboard boxes. For another feat he was suspended under Tower Bridge over the Thames in Central London in a Perspex box for 44 days with no food and only water to drink!  Whilst he has a penchant for the spectacular Houdini style stunts, he is also an extremely talented magician.

There are some amazing You Tube links freaturing David Blaine, I’d recommend the following depending on your time availability:-

David Blaine Levitates (5.28 minutes)

(focused on audience reaction but includes some unbelievable footage)

The Best of David Blaine (8.30 minutes)

(a really good overview of some of his best magical moments)

The Tattoo (3.27 minutes)

The guy he picked for this trick is totally astounded, as are his friends

If you want to hear him talking about what drives him to undertake the endurance feats, try this 20.19 minute Ted Talk

Chinese New Year of the Horse

From 31st January we will move into the Chinese New Year, progressing from the year of the Black (Water) Snake to the Year of the Green (Wooden) Horse.  Below is a summary drawn from these two Chinese websites: Chinese Fortune Calendar and Go To Horoscope Horses are intelligent, competitive and sociable, giving people a ride to destinations, so are associated with travel, ambition and swift success. Horses pursue freedom, passion and independence. They can be noble but also proud.

2014 will bring success and abundance for those who are hard-working and focussed, plus reward for honesty, integrity and humility. Those who behave without morals may see karmic retribution! It is a year to be sociable, especially with friends and relatives, and also close to nature with frequent access to, and appreciation for, the outdoors.  The Year of the Horse is said to be a good year to look smart and elegant; high heels and cascading hair will be lucky apparently (what about the men??).

Interestingly the lucky element for a horse year is Fire and the lucky numbers are 3, 5 and 7.  Perhaps it is especially auspicious since this is a 7 year.

The New Moon on 30th January – preceding the start of the Chinese New Year of the Horse – is an ideal day for the new Personal Celestial Profile Attunements.

I’d also recommend this Alabe Website link for a very succinct review of the Chinese expectations from the year to come, I found this after I’d compiled the above, but thought it excellent.

Also, a book called ‘Up to Me’ by Mary Ancillette has been recommended. Its a unique approach to self-development; aiming to renew confidence, improve relationships and provide profound insights into how to achieve your full potential. There are some excellent reviews on Amazon. It sounds like an apt way to start 2104, I’ve got a copy myself so I’ll let you know …

The 33 Stargate Portals of Light ~ Elders Transmission
Friday July 18th 2014, 11:56 am
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Welcome, my precious friends and family, this is Anrita Melchizedek, and I’d like to welcome you to this January transmission by the Elders. In this sacred year of 2014, from a ray perspective we experience the second cosmic ray, or fourteenth ray of Interstellar Service. This beautiful silver ray assists us to shift into the infinite and eternal Now as pure Beingness in form. In this state of conscious awareness no further veils of illusion are needing to be endured. We are reaching levels of our vast expansiveness enabling greater integration of our fifth dimensional crystalline templates of Light. This cosmic ray illuminates our journey along the pathway of Divine Love in insight and understanding, as we experience this Now, beyond time and space, through the inner stargate of self-knowledge and illumination. In this process of actualizing our Beloved I AM Presence we experience our reality as the collective Cosmic Christ, as one Unified Cosmic Heart. We are taken into the formless, timeless experience of being in everything, as everyone. This is the point of truly coming into the eternal Now moment, through synthesis of all past, present and future representations of Unity Consciousness on both a planetary and cosmic scale. And it takes us deeper into the New Earth templates of Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness and the knowing that we are truly co-creating Heaven on Earth. From a personal perspective, through the energy of this ray we have a more mystical realization of our Divine magnificence and a deeper understanding of our service work. Our service work is carried out unconditionally, without the expectation of what is being given back, knowing that Source will always bless us with abundance, and all that we need in any given Now moment.

To fully integrate this beautiful silver ray of Interstellar Christ Consciousness throughout this year of 2014, we work with the 33 Stargate Portals of Light, activated initially on December 21st, 2012. These stargates further connect us to the twelve major vortices and crystalline cities of Mother Earth. These crystalline cities, with the exception of Mount Shasta and Lake Titicaca, in which these crystalline cities of Light already exist, were anchored in 2012 and 2013, and now with the Overlighting of this beautiful silver ray we will activate these crystalline cities of Light. Additionally the 33 Stargate Portals of Light are connected to the 33 Cosmic Christ Holographic Discs. These silver Cosmic Christ Holographic Discs take us into the Christed Timelines, and these fifth dimensional frequencies of zero point energy, this energy of Divine Unconditional Love and the ever-present Now.

The Cosmic Christ Holographic discs are activated through the spinal column, through the 33 vertebrae within the spinal column. They are essentially high vibrational templates which carry the mapping, remembrance, and restoration of the cosmic codes for our multi-dimensional bodies of Light. In activating the Cosmic Christ Holographic discs within the body and within the Unity Grid, we are creating and effecting change within our own bodies through the central nervous system, meridians and chakras. And further to this, we activate the major chakras and vortices of Mother Earth through this process. The activation of the Cosmic Christ Holographic discs also occurred on December 21st, following the activation of the 33 Stargate Portals of Light, and now we will actualize these Cosmic Christ Holographic discs, as we are taken into these Stargate Portals of Light through the Overlighting of the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light and the beautiful silver ray of Interstellar Christ Consciousness. We will experience three Stargate Portals every month, for the next eleven months, and to access these Stargate Portals we come into a deeper understanding of the Spiritual Laws of this multi-universe.

And so let us now set our sacred space and connect to The Elders, to better understand these Spiritual Laws, and how we can experience these fifth dimensional templates, stargates, and crystalline cities, as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love, and Master Beings of Light, in this second year of this new Golden Age of Light.

So wherever you are in your sacred space now, just breathe deep into the body, expand the lower abdomen as you breathe in, contract the lower abdomen as you breathe out. And you visualize now this beautiful diamond, golden and white flame of Divine Love that activates within the heart chakra, taking you deeper into alignment with the Divine, with the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. And as this beautiful diamond, golden and white flame of Divine Love now expands, moving through each one of the chakras, spinning each one of the chakras in a clock-wise or counter-clockwise direction respectively depending on what is need in this Now moment. As you come deeper into the Knowing of yourselves as sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love, you merge now with your Beloved I AM Presence, the Highest Light that You Are, within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

Calling in your Master Guides, your Guardian Angel, and all other Beings of Light you personally acknowledge, as you ground into the crystal heart of Mother Earth, as you feel her Love as she sends you her Love back up your grounding cord. Feel this connection into the Unity Grid of Divine Love, this matrix of Light within and around you, linking you to the star-seeded ones, to the light workers, to your soul and star family and friends of the Light. And now to all the Illumined Beings of Light assisting in this Golden Age of Light. Calling in now the Overlighting of Mother/Father God, the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans, and the Arcturians all of the Light; the Brotherhood of the Light and the Christed One; the Mahatma; Lord Melchior, Lord Melchizedek, Lord Metatron, Lord Michael; the Legion of Archangels and their Divine Feminine Counterparts; the Mighty Elohim; the Ray Masters, and Ascended Masters; Nature Intelligence ~ and now you have a sense of this beautiful Pathway of Divine Love that is activating before you, through your Heart’s dreaming, through your heart’s purpose, your heart’s passion, being illuminated in this beautiful silver ray of Interstellar Christ Consciousness and the Overlighting of the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light, as you are now wrapped in this beautiful silver flame of Light.

Welcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you now and in this sacred year of 2014. As many of you know, sweet ones, in the year of 2013, much re-calibration and adjustment continued, to amplify your frequency to a greater level of Divine Love, to bring an equilibrium of momentum on to this earth-plane and onto the lower dimensions, sweet ones. Many of you experienced greater levels of integration through the shadow aspects of yourselves. Many of you magnetized and brought into your reality soul connections of a karmic nature as well as finding support with your family of Light. This equilibrium and balance continues throughout this year as it reaches more into the mass consciousness humanity, sweet ones. What will be experienced for many this year is an awakening to a greater level of their magnificence and Light, and for many of you sweet ones it is the year of Illumination, which is what this beautiful silver ray brings for you ~ it illuminates your pathway, it takes you into a greater level of knowing, of not only your magnificence and your Light but also into the wisdom and knowledge that you hold, sweet ones, and that you bring to the collective. And yet these high frequency recalibrations through the Unity Grid and through your energy field, these greater influx of light frequencies, have to be experienced through both the shadow and the Light, and so for some of you there is still the experience of finding equilibrium and balance ~ and it is our hope in taking you through these Stargate Portals of Light, lifting you into a greater level of awareness and understanding as to the Spiritual Laws of this multi-universe, that it will take you deeper along this pathway of Divine Love and to your Heart’s dreaming and your ability to magnetize, to manifest and to bring into your reality those beautiful Beings that support you, that see you, that appreciate you, and that you can connect with through your Light work, sweet ones.

And we start with this Law of Forgiveness. This Spiritual Law of Forgiveness is understood by all of you, sweet ones, and yet somehow you get stuck with this too. The old cellular memories that may come up, the understanding of the oscillating emotions that have been experienced through the soul contracts and karmic contracts of the victim and persecutor consciousness, are no longer part of the energies of this Golden Age of Light, nor have they ever been, sweet ones, but the contrasting experiences of creation have indeed been good lessons for many of you, and how humanity as a whole has learned best. Some of these challenges have brought you into a greater level of humility, into your hearts, into knowing that you can only move forward in forgiveness and Love.

And so now, as the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light come forward and surround you in this beautiful silver flame of Illumination, of wisdom, of insight, you find yourself traveling this Pathway of Divine Love, entering now into this Stargate Portal of Light, traveling through the grids of Divine Love, travelling through the timelines, and Portals of Light, into this Stargate Portal of Light that amplifies through this Law of Forgiveness. To forgive, sweet ones, and to release old anger, allows the Law of Grace to intercede and dispense with the amount of karma an individual has stored within his or her akasha. Forgiveness is Holiness, sweet ones. Forgiveness brings peace and harmony into your life. And you see, as you are surrounded now by the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light and all the beautiful Beings of Light that you acknowledge, as well as your soul and star family and friends of the Light that journey with you too into this Stargate Portal of Light, you see if there is any level of unforgiveness that you still harbor, sweet ones, any level of blame or resentment. No matter how difficult it is, you need to allow yourself to let go, to let God …. Allow yourself to trust in life and to step out of the victim and persecutor consciousness into a deeper level of appreciation of this Now, sweet ones. If there are any souls that you are still experiencing this lack of forgiveness with, carrying out this interplay of negative energies, this dance of the karmic timeline, allow yourselves to forgive ~ call upon this soul, or these souls at a Higher Light level, and let them know that “I Love you, and I forgive you, as I Love and forgive myself.” Understand what you have experienced and learned, sweet ones. Come into forgiveness. Come into Love. As you experience an Illumination of this beautiful Law of Forgiveness in a deeper sense, of this Love within yourself ~ this first Cosmic Christ Holographic disc activates within the spinal column. You feel this activation within the spinal column, activating too the cerebral spinal fluid, the meridians, the chakras, creating this mapping, this templating, of the New Earth frequencies and the Adam Kadmon Body of Light. You are loved, sweet ones, and you are so deeply loved and supported, there is no challenge that you are not able to deal with, to understand, and to experience, through the Grace of God.

And now this leads into the second law ~ the Law of Grace. As you hold a focus on this Law of Grace, sweet ones, you find yourself in this second Stargate Portal of Light, Overlighted by these beautiful Beings of the Light, these beautiful Beings of Light from On High and the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light and your soul and star family and friends of the Light. The Law of Grace can waive the Law of Karma, sweet ones. It also allows you to send healing to another, to talk to others at a soul level, to use Divine decrees, and not to suffer the consequences of karmic interference or interference with the receiver’s soul plan. And we talk about this law, under the Law of Grace. The Law of Grace is a supporting energy, sweet ones. The Law of Grace says to you that you are always divinely supported by the Universe, by the Beings of Light from On High. They are always with you, they are always working with you for the highest good, allowing you to consistently live in Grace.

Along this Pathway of Divine Love, this Law of Grace activates so you can experience greater levels of the blessings of this Universe as you open your heart to receiving, sweet ones, and you open your hearts now, knowing that the Law of Grace applies, as you magnetize and manifest and bring into your reality all that you need in any given Now moment. You are divinely protected and supported and operating under this Law of Grace, sweet ones. There is a flow in this, a trust and a surrender to the Divine, and you find this flow for you that takes you in harmony, in peace, in understanding, and insight, along this Pathway of Divine Love.

And now, sweet ones, this second Cosmic Christ Holographic disc activates within the spinal column. And you have a sense of this activation, you have a sense of your energy amplifying, spinning the nadis, the chakras, the meridians activating now too, as the cerebral spinal fluid activates now ~ you simply trust and surrender, sweet ones, simply trust and surrender to life, and to the Universe.

And now you experience this third Stargate Portal, under the Law of Freewill, or the Law of Choice. As you understand, sweet ones, you can work on any level that you wish through your freewill and choice. The forward evolution continues and you can choose to experience this from the perception of either the negative aspects ~ karmic aspects, or the positive aspects, ~ creative expressions that bring a greater vibration of Divine Love into your life, and into your reality. No matter the circumstances, sweet ones, you have the power to choose your direction, you have the will to align your will to the Divine Will of Mother/Father God. And you choose to voluntarily and willingly surrender your ego and the lower mind to the Mind and Will of Mother/Father God. You choose to integrate the energy of your Higher Self and Beloved I AM Presence, and you experience now an alignment of your will to the Will of Mother/Father God, coming into the original divine eight-cell blueprint, a deeper understanding of the lessons, the experiences, and the service work, sweet ones. You are in humility and devotion and trust, and you are given images here, through these timelines, through this ray of illumination and wisdom, and insight and understanding, as to some of these lessons that you have chosen in freewill ~ what they have taught you, what you have experienced, and what you no longer need to experience. The Divine Dispensation by the Law of Grace comes into play here to cancel any old karmic patterns you no longer need to re-experience, to re-do, while knowing, acknowledging and honoring that sometimes the old play still needs to come to its end before the creation of new cycles and new beginnings, individually and collectively ~ and that as you come into your heart, as you align your will to Mother/Father God there will always be a win-win for the Highest Good of All.

And now, sweet ones, we take this beautiful silver ray and amplify it around your body and energy field as you actualize this third Cosmic Christ Holographic disc through the spinal column, the vertebrae. You feel these adjustments, these re-calibrations taking place, creating your multi-dimensional Bodies of Light and the I AM Avatar Body of Light.

And now you take this beautiful silver ray of Light and you anchor it and activate it within this energetic vortex, one of the major vortices of Mother Earth, and you start with Table Mountain in South Africa, sweet ones. As you experience this vortex being activated at one of these beautiful sacred sites and primary vortices of Mother Earth, you experience now this crystalline city of Light as it starts to activate over Table Mountain, and you find yourself in this crystalline city of Light. This crystalline city of Light activates at a deeper level through these Spiritual Laws and is ground into this beautiful matrix of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine at Table Mountain in South Africa.

And this crystalline city of Light, sweet ones, will be accessed any time you wish to understand the Law of Grace, any time you wish to look at the karmic contracts, any time you wish to experience a deeper level of forgiveness and Love ~ come into this crystalline city, allow this crystalline city to represent for you this Pathway of Reconciliation. This Pathway of Reconciliation was experienced recently in South Africa through the passing of Nelson Mandela. And in this beautiful silver flame of Light you allow yourself to travel into whatever Chambers of Light you are needing to experience in this Crystalline City of Light. There are beautiful fountains, there are different Chambers of Light to experience different levels of remembrance of these past lives, parallel realities, what you are still working with. As you trust and surrender deeply to the Divine, sweet ones, you are given greater levels of insight and understanding. And as you experience yourself in this crystalline city of Light, you take these frequencies out through the ley lines, sacred sites, making available this Pathway of Divine Love and these Spiritual Laws to all life on this earth-plane. And to assist in this integration, sweet ones, we speak in the Language of Light.

You come back now into your sacred space, sweet ones, grounding into the energy of Mother Earth and keeping this connection open to all life, to Mother/Father God and to the Legions of Light and to your Beloved I AM Presence, wrapped in this beautiful silver ray of Interstellar Christ Consciousness. Grounding once more into the crystal heart of Mother Earth.

And we thank you for your service work, sweet ones, and we bless you, and with this we bid you a most magical day.

Transcribed by Eadie Miller

Artwork by Art Dimensions

Transmission by Anrita Melchizedek

AA Metatron Channel: The Holy Lands, Dead Sea & Ark of the Covenant
Friday July 18th 2014, 11:53 am
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The Holylands, Dead Sea & Ark of the Covenant
Archangel Metatron via James Tyuberonn

Greetings Masters !  I am Metatron, Lord of Light and I greet you this moment in a vector of unconditional love.

The imagery and thought of ‘Holy Land’ evokes a spiritual if not magical visual for many on the earth, especially contemporaries  of the three monotheistic systems that were spawned there. Even those who do not consider themselves as followers of any of the three faiths of Abraham  recognize the ‘Holy Lands’ as an eclectic repository  of revered cosmological myths and enduring historical events that have undeniably marked the providence and arguably  the evolving destiny of humankind.  It is indeed a special place on the earth and has always been recognized as such as far back as early Atlantean times.

The Cristos energy has always been on the earth since the time of the Firmament. This source of divinity  has manifested in the duality phase of earth as part of the evolution from devolution. The Holylands of Israel do indeed contain portal nodes and sacred sites of the Cristos, of Divine manifestation on the earthplane.  We also wish to clarify that there have been many more embodiments of the Cristos energy on the Earthplane than just the ones that are recognized in your present times and contemporary religious belief systems..

Even during the eras of earth you consider as backward phases and times of the ‘caveman’, there were divine embodiments that assisted humanities rise from density, albeit each related the messages in terms that were understandable to the masses whether tribal or clustered. In areas devoid of written languages, the messages and cosmology truths evolved into myths orally passed down. In some cases it was believed that divine truths interpreted into archetypical  symbolism should not, could not be put into written word.

The Cristos drama that unfolded in what is termed the Holylands of Canaan was fitted to the level of humanity’s consciousness in that era. But its original Truth was lost somewhat and significant portions have been highly distorted in its remaining written interpretations. Yet the symbols and vibrations of the original Star-Gate at the Temple Mount complex are still intact. You see these are in simple terms hologramic inserts and exist in simultaneous time and nontime. The Christ energy is still present and can indeed be experienced in these location. In a very real since, Jesus still walks these paths !

Defining the Land

What made the Holy Land so indelibly pivotal in human history?    What differentiates this land that allowed it to be the dawning of spiritual heritage and a wellspring of miracles from which the monotheistic principles of three great religions first flowed ?

The query is  complex and the answer is quite compelling. The ‘Holy Lands’  is a unique blend of powerful frequencial resonance , telluric energies, leylines, mega vortexes and stellar grid alignments. The land is in the expanded energy of the 30 degree latitude (as are the Giza Pyramids) , which is a major power stream.

The ‘resonate  frequency ‘ amalgam  is then composed of and influenced by:

  • The intersection of major global leylines
  • The 30 degree latitude
  • The mineralogy
  • Stellar Stargate & Mega Vortexial Portal
  • The crystalline vortexial field of the ‘Dead Sea’
  • Whole Light Reception & Coherency
  • The Ark of the Covenant 

In your consideration of power places and sacred sites that exist on the planet, you should understand that all of the above influence what you term as power-nodes. While you do consider the mineralogy and vector (latitude and longitude) and grid placement, you do not as yet fully recognize the differing qualities of light that can occur in specific vectors. . We tell you that light reception also greatly influences & embellishes the attributes of certain locations in the Holylands. The light that occurs in certain nodes of the ‘Holylands’ is quite unique. It is  whole light and carries attributes of coherency.

Question to Archangel Metatron: You mention the Ark of the Covenant as a factor in the energy of the Holylands. Can you explain this in more detail?

Archangel Metatron Response:  The device termed the Ark of the Covenant is a source of unimaginable energy. There is more than one version of this extraordinary power source. The one that was placed in the Holy of Holies in Solomon’s Temple was a smaller version of the one that has been present for millions of years below the stargate complex of Temple Mount. The extraordinary units are of Sirian-Pleiadean construct, and briefly put, are energy transducers and generators that both create and stabilize dimensional interface between what may be termed the field of physical matter and of the higher realms of the ‘Angelic field’ which  in more scientific terms is the vast  field of antimatter in the harmonic cycle. The create ‘wormholes’ (to use your vernacular)  in layers of dimensions and ‘step down’ & format frequencies  that allow for the coordination of multidimensionality of the intra connected levels and vector-planes of the Omni Earth to the Cosmos.

Question to Archangel Metatron: Can you speak of the Dead Sea specifically about its attributes as a healing centre and of its sacred & metaphysical aspects?

Archangel Metatron Response:  Indeed!  The Dead Sea is one of the most potent mega-vortexial energy nodes’ on the planet.  It is an extraordinary & unique  conscious liquid crystal with a self- aware ‘Spirit of Place’. The name given in current times is truly a misnomer for it is teeming with vital life force. It is truly a rebirthing centre, and correlates with Lake Titicaca in that aspect.

It has been recognized as such since ancient times for its cleansing, healing and rejuvenation attributes, and was indeed a site of pilgrimage & purification ceremony for Egyptians, Atlanteans and ancient Greeks.

The frequency field generated by the Dead Sea is filled with beneficial anionic charges released in the sunlight from the saline minerals in the evaporation process. This field not only creates a sense of well-being, but also enlivens health and opens the pineal. The ancients knew this. That is why the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans were drawn to the area. The waters and atmosphere around the Dead Sea (which could more aptly be called the Living Crystal Sea) contain a field of vital energy so potent that they literally rejuvenate the body physical and bring balance to the emotional and mental fields. Accordingly the chakras are aligned and perfectly rebalanced, and the result  unequivocally fortifies the human Aura.

Because of its extremely low elevation, the sunlight that bathes the Dead Sea is particularly potent, yet benevolent, as the harmful rays are filtered by the plasma that floats atop the salt lake . The health benefits of soaking in this water are  far greater than you currently recognize. There is a frequency here that benefits  the body, mind and spirit, and it enables ‘whole light’, full spectrum light to occur in  theta coherency. This also greatly embellishes the waters and field above the waters. The light is such that it is a nutrient to both the body and aura, and energy source of vitality that can truly extend longevity and produce mental clarity. It absolutely removes any untoward auric attachment, it seals and vitalized the human etheric field.

The ‘Living Crystal Sea’ is  the perfect place to ‘vision’ , to ceremonial cleanse and purify the body & mind before making the pilgrimage to Temple Mount for receiving infinity codes.

The Living Crystal Sea is the wind beneath the wings of the holy sites of the Holylands. It undergirds, supports and enables  the transduction of intense energy and thus  stabilizes the mega- vortexial complexes of Israel and  Jordan. Its field reaches into Egypt and  Saudi Arabia.  It softens the energy of the hi frequency portals and thus allows the perfection  of balance required of primary Star-Gates vortexial portal complexes.

The Essenes chose to colonize around its energy fields for this reason.

The Salt of the Earth

The Living Sea  contains in excess of tenfold  more salt concentrate than the ocean (salinity varies slightly according to water temperature, depth of testing and proximity to shore). The warm shallow waters along the salt laden beaches show the highest content of salt percentage and in the edges are supersaturated.  Simply stated, the Dead Sea waters are a ‘battery’ infused with solar energy, electromagnetic currents and mineralogical crystalline frequencies.

When water is fully saturated with salt it becomes an energy capacitor with remarkable attributes.  The Living  Sea is one of the very rare major bodies of water that contains shore-line pools of saturated salt water. Because of its geographical location the waters of the Living  Sea are consistently quite warm. This higher temperature facilitates greater solution of the minerals and salts, and of course allows for faster absorption into the human body.  What is not fully recognized is that the saline waters become not only a non-Newtonian liquid colloidal battery, but a liquid crystal…literally teeming with energy. The location of the waters are in the rift of two major tectonic plates and thus are constantly charged with an unimaginable energy from the earth.


The Temple Mount Star-Gate

The Temple Mount Vortexial Portal is within the energy field of the Dead Sea, yet on its own encompasses a massive Star-Gate. The area is in the expanded energy of the 30 degree latitude (as are the Giza Pyramids), which is a major power stream. The energy of this unique site is, like Delphi and Rapa Nui, an umbilical of codes, a ‘naval’ of celestial energies feeding your planet. It is up-shifting and many are called to re-anchor the codes in the new paradigm.

When one enters into the stargate of the Temple Mount vortexial portal, one enters a very unique much embellished field of multidimensionality that is both sequentially timeless and a ‘Time-Gate’. Within this energy all of your planetary sojourns can not only be accessed, but united in synergy. It is an infinity point, a nonlinear space-time vector, meaning that entering into it has no chronological measure. The symbiotic unification that occurs within is instantaneous. Thus within its succinct infinity  resonance , whether you are present for one minute or several days, you are capable of downloading the frequency codes contained within its field. As such your energy is recorded within  and you are able to be present  etherically at any time of such  intent .

The energy of this unique site is, like Delphi and Rapa Nui, an umbilical of codes, a ‘naval’ of celestial energies feeding your planet. It is up-shifting and many are called to re-anchor the codes in the new paradigm.

That ultimately destructive conflict called Armageddon, cannot, will not occur in the new paradigm, and your energy must & will combine to insure this. A new era is awakening and the energy of this area is shifting. Many of you are part of this Harmonic co creation.

Judaism’s Western Wall ,  Islam’s Dome of the Rock, and Christianity’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Garden of Gethsemane are juxtaposed and intersect in this venerated area of Temple Mount that is one of the most vetted celestial portals on the planet. Yet in seeming paradox this religious vortex is surrounded by earthbound conflict and struggle. And although today Christians, Jews, and Muslims struggle for their rightful place in this magnificent  landscape of deserts and seas, of blood red mountains and utterly astonishing holy sites, we tell you that in due time peace will come.

It is less ironic than tragic that this site of the Wise Solomon is as the disputed baby cut in half. But we assure you this will be resolved in the advancing  paradigm of the expansive New Earth. Peace will evolve from means and places that are unexpected.

Original Source & Expanding Truth

By visiting the extraordinarily special places in the holylands that still carry the Original Source Energy, you enter a pure-truth ‘Source-Resonance’ that enables you to release many inaccurate teachings & fears accumulated from ‘past-life’ programs that have become as deeply hidden, subtly embedded obstacles in simultaneous expressions of life sojourns. A spiritual/mental alignment takes place that enables a beneficial, indeed requisite  ‘rebooting’.

A very real re-calibration occurs that offers greater clarity and thus eliminates the ‘viruses’ of untruths. The’ Divinity’ drama is a living energy; an infinite timeless energy coalesced in a hologramic insert into the multi-dimensional reality of the Star-Gate of Temple Mount. It is an offering, and can be received by those of sufficient light-quotient capable of raising their vibrations within its field.

In visiting the Holy Lands in the energy of the amplified dimensional access of the ‘New Earth’  you will stand in the same sites, where only the   frequencies of  time & space  separates you  from other versions of yourselves standing in the same energy vector….side by side with the original ever expanding Cristos energy. You will also plant the seeds of the harmony requisite for the New Earth, and the Ascension of Humanity….and that is essential.

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths.

And so it is…

The above channel is copyrighted © James Tyberonn All Rights Reserved


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SaLuSa 11 July 2014 – The Tree Of Golden Light
Friday July 11th 2014, 11:25 am
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SaLuSa  11 July 2014

We detect a new mood amongst many of you, indeed a welcome one that indicates that you have moved beyond the stage of disappointment that you felt after the end of 2012. Situations such as you have experienced are largely the result of them being very fluid, and with the best will we cannot always predict how things will turn out. You may however be assured that whatever we do is in the best interests of everyone. It is the bigger picture that is important and from your perspective, you cannot really see it all. God has decreed that all shall go ahead as planned, and it is therefore a “fete accompli”. So we ask you to accept that we are wholly committed to bringing the truth into being, and helping you advance as quickly as possible into the New Age. What has been ordained by God must come into being, and no matter what takes place to prevent it, it will not and cannot succeed.

You can therefore make your plans to contribute to the efforts being made to bring a conclusion to the old Age energies, by breaking the hold it has upon you. Do not be in fear of them as you will otherwise continue to be linked to them. You can protect yourself at all times by focussing on the Light that will ensure that you are safe at all times. The old world sits along side the new one but sooner or later there will come a great upliftment, that will bring a change that will see an end to duality such as you experience it. We emphasize again that there will be a parting of the ways, and the New Age will start in earnest having thrown off the cloak of darkness.

You can rightly expect the end times to be a complex mixture of all types of experiences, as many, many paths are coming together for a final cleansing. The end for many will mean a quick exit from the Earth only to continue their experiences at an appropriate level to their particular vibration. We know that some of you have strong bonds with many souls, but each of you must be allowed to follow your own path. Sometimes groups of souls will progress together, and it is possible because they are at a similar stage of evolution. However, when the time comes for a new advanced experience, an individual soul will move to another level. One thing we will emphasise again is that once you have a genuine love link with another soul, no matter where they are they will always respond to your attempt to contact them. That is because in the higher levels distance is no barrier to doing so, and contact is instantaneous.

Your life on Earth is such a contrast to the one you are going to experience once you have ascended. Be open to many changes that you will find very welcome, and do not think in terms of life as you know it now. You will not be encumbered by the restrictions imposed upon you by the lower vibrations. You will be a free soul able to transport yourself to wherever you wish, and it will be in your Lightbody. You will “feed” off the energies all around you, although it is possible to partake of certain light “foods” that are extremely beneficial to the body. You may well have read or heard of the Astral Regions through souls that have passed into this region immediately after death. These will be your first experience of the higher levels of vibration, and are similar to the ones we have mentioned except that you are still thinking and acting as previously on Earth. You will soon learn how to use your power of thought and adjust to the new level of being.

Even now you have a certain degree of power to create, but it is more effective when you get together in groups. In the higher levels they can create buildings in this way and understand that what you will see in the astral levels is a result of using such creative energies. There will come a time in the not too distant future when you too will have the power to create whatever is required for your well being. Can you now begin to see how much your thinking and use of your abilities will begin to change? I do not want to overwhelm you with too much information, but what we refer to is simply the commencement of a new way of life for you. It is one that you familiar with as you passed through the different levels when you dropped down through the vibrations.

Soon you will have greater levels of consciousness and understanding, and even now they are expanding due to the higher vibrations you are experiencing. At present you are still as one might say, just awakening to your true self and will not be whole until you have full consciousness. So please Dear Ones make allowances for any lack of understanding that you may come across, as many souls have not yet grasped the truth or understood its meaning where they are concerned. Be patient with them and offer words of comfort and advice suited to their level of understanding. Too much too soon can be overwhelming and set back any progress that has been made. All souls are allowed to progress at a rate they can handle, and all of them will at some stage awaken to the truth of their being.

We have nothing but love for you all and see the Higher Being that you are, and admire your strength and resolve to close your experience in the lower dimensions with a return to the levels of Light.. At every turn we will do our best to assist you, but please remember to request our help and thus allow us to do so. As some of you have realised, we are One with you and many of you are known to us through earlier contact. Some of you are on Earth to specifically take part in the end times, bringing with you knowledge and skills that can be put to good use. Indeed, your presence is speeding up progress and your vibrations are uplifting those you meet on your travels. In fact you some of you have incarnated together to carry out your life plan, and are working with soul mates who are very much of your own vibration. It can sometimes be a lonely life as some of you have little opportunity to share your wisdom and knowledge, but you do nevertheless help many souls by your mere presence amongst them. Your energy is of a high vibration and uplifting, and even of a healing nature.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and send our Best Wishes and Love to all dear souls upon Earth. We draw nearer each day and thank you for your dedication and love for your Human Family who is on Earth. 

Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey.



SaLuSa 20 June 2014.
Monday June 23rd 2014, 1:57 pm
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SaLuSa  20 June 2014

I greet you again and note that so many more of you are awakening to the increase in vibrations. They are gradually introducing you to the new levels that are being established as you enter deeper into the Photon Belt. The result is that you are experiencing heightened senses of what is going on around you, and beginning to understand the Oneness in which you exist. Gone are the times when you felt alone and isolated, and now you can appreciate and feel the higher energies that are very uplifting. Furthermore, your levels of consciousness are expanding, and with it comes a greater understanding of higher levels of existence. You are lifting up and being carried along by the higher vibrations, and those souls who have progressed at a slower rate are finding it hard to keep up. However, as we have intimated previously, there will be a dividing of the ways and that will place souls at a level that suits them to enable the continuing progress of their evolution.

The fact is Dear Ones, that where your evolution is concerned you cannot stand still. There is also a driving force within you that subconsciously seeks expression, and you will always seek higher and higher levels of consciousness. As you progress back to the Light the journey becomes much easier and your goals more clearly defined. With you are other souls that also follow the same path and you become a unit of consciousness where you all become the One, yet you retain your own level and individuality. You will always be drawn to souls who have a similar vibration to your own, making evolution a most satisfying achievement. However, at your present stage you are still so to say, finding your feet and seeking out the path that fulfils your needs. Your destiny and success are assured, but you still have a long way to go on your spiritual journey back to the Godhead.

As we see it the present time is most exciting for you as at long last you are lifting up out of the lower vibrations, having surmounted the many challenges that have faced you. It has been a journey that has at times sorely tested you, but you have a driving force with you that keeps you pushing forwards at all times. You have now reached a stage when by comparison it will become a lot easier to progress, and you will not be challenged at every turn by the lower vibrations. You will in fact notice how much easier life moves along in harmony with your desires and is more fulfilling. So you can release any attachment to the vibrations that no longer serve your purpose. From hereon you will rise up more rapidly and life will become a pleasure, providing you do not maintain your past links with situations that have proved to be of a negative nature. You are progressing to a point when you will break your associations with anything less than the Light, as they no longer serve your true purpose.

To some of you the tasks ahead may sound frightening, but bear in mind that there is always help not far away if you need assistance. Indeed, there are unlimited sources of help and there is no situation that cannot be overcome. Your progress is followed at all times by those souls that dwell in the higher dimensions, and particularly at this time because your success is also important to their evolution. Every soul has numerous helpers that cover each stage of your evolution as if you were to fail, the delay would put back their evolution, but have no fear as your future success is assured. Also do not be concerned about other souls that you may know, as all of you will find your exact level quite automatically and there cannot be any mistakes in this respect.

Every living thing whether animate or inanimate is progressing and evolving however slowly, and you are what you might say, the centre piece that is evolving very quickly. It is probably a good time to remind you that you came to Earth by dropping down through the various levels. So as you rise up again you are in fact returning to levels that you were once present in before this particular time. Life is all about experiences, and once you rise up out of the lower dimensions you will have more say in where your future incarnations take you.

Life abounds everywhere in the Universe, and whilst on Earth you have been “isolated” for your protection to prevent interference with your evolution. It is true that certain ET species have been allowed to contact you over many centuries, but their presence has been monitored and carefully followed. They have been allowed to alter your future by their actions, but only to give you experiences that have assisted your evolution. As you will learn in the not too distant future, you have in fact been held back from truly evolving by the dark Ones  You have been prevented from advancing further into the true Space Age, by not being allowed to benefit from progress denied you by those who have kept  it for themselves. However, once they are out of the way we can openly meet you and your evolution will take a giant step forwards.

We hope you understand the full implications of the period you are in, and if you can stand aside and let events progress as needed, you will be much better for it. Naturally some of you are unavoidably drawn into the issues of the day, and if so simply make allowances for what needs to take place to bring you fully into the New Age. Your responsibilities in the end times may be already be known to you, but if not by finding a quiet period and going “inside” yourself as you do for meditation, you should be able to come to the realisation of what it is. If not simply keep an open mind and be prepared for something new to come your way. Certainly most Lightworkers will be called upon to do their bit to bring the changes into being. Every little helps to form the larger picture which will become apparent in a relatively short time. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and enjoy these times when we can use our influence to prepare you for the New Age that you have recently entered. You will benefit from having experienced the changes and in fact are privileged to be present on Earth at such a time. The best is still to come whilst the present period is somewhat volatile because of the changes.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.



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Monday June 16th 2014, 4:42 pm
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by Patricia Cota-Robles

June 14, 2014

This week we have been blessed with incredibly power Solar Flares that have amplified beyond measure the Ascension Flame that is bathing the Earth throughout the month of June. This weekend, we are also being held in the embrace of the full momentum of a rare Friday the 13th Full Moon. All of these influxes of Light will greatly empower the patterns of perfection for the Divine Masculine that will flow through the collective Cup of Humanity’s Consciousness on Father’s Day.

Father’s Day will be celebrated tomorrow, Sunday June 15th, in many countries around the World. In May, we reached a critical mass of the Violet Flame that allowed the etheric records that have prevented the masses of Humanity from remembering our Mother God, or connecting with her Divine Love, to be removed from the Etheric Bodies of every person on Earth. This Victory was accomplished by each person’s I AM Presence in perfect alignment with his or her Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned.

This monumental feat cleared the way for an influx of our Father God’s Divine Will, Power, Illumined Faith, Protection, and God’s First CAUSE of Perfection. These aspects of the Divine Masculine will bless every man, woman, and child on Earth on Father’s Day as millions of people around the World focus on the Love they have for their Fathers.

These aspects of the Divine Masculine have been mostly unavailable to the masses of Humanity since our fall from Grace aeons ago. That is when we lost awareness of our Mother God and began using our Masculine Power without the balance of our Feminine Love. NOW EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED!

The life-transforming Activities of Light that have been accomplished through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth so far this year, have paved the way not only for our Mother God and her Divine Love, but for the aspects of the Divine Masculine associated with our Father God. These are Divine Qualities that the masses of Humanity have been oblivious to since our fear-based human egos took control of our Earthly Bodies.

The following is a very powerful Activity of Light that the Company of Heaven has given to us at this time. It is specifically designed to help Humanity take full advantage of this awesome opportunity. It is stated in the first person, so we will each experience this powerful Ascension process individually, but KNOW that simultaneously we are invoking this Light on behalf of ALL of our Sisters and Brothers in the Family of Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom, and the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional strata of Mother Earth.

This is a Gift from On High that will build in momentum as we invoke this Activity of Light NOW and THROUGHOUT THE REST OF THIS MIRACULOUS YEAR.

I AM Ascending Into My I AM Presence

I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. As this wondrous Ascension in the Light occurs within me it occurs through every person on Earth, in perfect alignment with his or her Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned.

I AM sitting comfortably in my chair with my arms and legs uncrossed and my spine is as straight as possible. I breathe in deeply and instantly I AM relaxed and peaceful. I empty my mind of all of the thoughts of the day and I KNOW, “I AM That I AM.”

I gently go within to the Divinity of my Heart and focus my attention on my Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame. Within the full embrace of my Threefold Flame, I realize that I have transcended the old Earth and crossed the threshold into the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Frequencies of the New Earth. I have truly entered a New Day filled with the full-gathered momentum of Heaven on Earth.

Victory is mine! Victory is mine! Victory is mine!

With this inner knowing, I realize that I have the awesome responsibility of BECOMING the full manifestation of my I AM Presence while I AM embodied on the New Earth. This literally means Transfiguring my physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies into the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies of my I AM Presence.

This Divine Alchemy is occurring within me now at an atomic, cellular level. Every electron, every atom, every subatomic particle and wave of my bodies and all the spaces in between the atoms and molecules of my bodies are being filled with multifaceted 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light.

My I AM Presence is now able to take full dominion of my Earthly Bodies. As this occurs, my thoughts, feelings, words, actions, memories, and beliefs reflect the Transfiguring Divine Love, Infinite Abundance, Eternal Peace, Bliss, Harmony, and Oneness of my Father-Mother God. My physical reality is transformed, and I now experience at every level the infinite physical perfection of the New Earth.

My I AM Presence claims full authority within my Earthly Bodies. I stand forth now as a complete God Being pulsating within the glorious multicolored, multidimensional radiance of my I AM Presence.

My feet are planted firmly on the New Earth, and simultaneously I AM One with all of the Ascended Realms of Infinite Perfection. I AM a God Being of resplendent Light, now realizing the fullness of that Light on every level of my Being. As I AM lifted up, all Life is lifted up with me. Therefore, I know that within my I AM Presence, I AM now ALL of Humanity standing forth and realizing that we are God Beings­—Sons and Daughters of God—on every realm associated with the New Earth.

Within my I AM Presence, I AM the Ascension Flame and I AM the full Divine Momentum of the Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity blazing in, through, and around every particle and wave of Life. I AM liberating every physical and chemical interaction within the Earthly Bodies of ALL Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom, and the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional strata of Mother Earth. The Ascension Flame is raising all of the energy bonds between atoms and within atoms into the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Frequencies of God’s Infinite Perfection.

I KNOW and ACCEPT that contained within this flowing electronic pattern of Light is everything necessary to Transfigure the entire physical realm into the patterns of perfection for the New Earth. This unfathomable Light contains everything necessary to set straight the orbit, spin, and electronic charge of every cell, atom, and electron of Life on the old Earth. I feel all energy bonds within the atomic realm now Ascending in vibration toward the frequency of infinite physical perfection. Every cell of Life is now blazing with the full perfection of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light.

Within my I AM Presence, I AM the Ascension Flame and the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Frequencies of the Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity blazing through every interaction within Humanity and all of the energy bonds therein—this includes the relationships of all people, organizations, races, religions, and nations—liberating these interactions into the harmony of a Higher Order of Being, expanding the Sphere of Humanity’s I AM Presence on Earth.

Within the Peace of the Great Solar Quiet, I AM aware of this Higher Reality. I AM now clearly receiving the Divine Promptings, Ideas, and Concepts of my I AM Presence. Daily and hourly, through the Gift of the Ascension Flame, I AM experiencing the Higher Reality of the New Earth within my heart and mind.

I AM now a living, Light-filled Temple of Vibrant Health, Eternal Youth, God’s Infinite Abundance, Peace, Harmony, Balance, Happiness, and Abounding Joy. I AM my 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies of I AM Consciousness now made manifest on the New Earth.  And so it is.

I return my consciousness to the room. I become aware of my body, and I allow these Divine Energies to be assimilated into my physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. I breathe deeply and gently as I absorb the bliss of this moment. (pause)

I AM Grateful, I AM Grateful, I AM Eternally Grateful.

Beloved Father-Mother God—All That Is—I AM.

Patricia Cota-Robles

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©2014 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

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Tree Of Golden Light ~ SaLuSa 13 June 2014
Monday June 16th 2014, 4:40 pm
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SaLuSa  13 June 2014.

We come to assure you that all proceeds well, but for reasons of security we cannot always reveal what is taking place. As we have done for some considerable time we work mainly in the background, to fulfil our responsibilities to ensure that the Light spreads as intended. This means that we closely monitor the activities of the dark Ones, so as to ensure that their activities are not allowed to interfere with the positive changes that are taking place. At present your world is going through a testing period of changes that are going to see an end of the dominance of the dark Ones. Some are taking place on a level that is obvious to you, but they also occur out of your sight and without your knowledge. Since time immemorial we have accompanied you through your travels, although we have never interfered with your freewill decisions. We do however use our influence to keep you on the Path of Light, as the end times are to release you from the dictates of the dark Ones.

These are indeed special times that you are privileged to be a part of and many have been chosen for their experience in similar situations. Souls from many different levels have volunteered to see you safely through the end times. You will identify some by their service to the Light, but others will remain anonymous for the time being. The dark Ones would do their worst to stop any soul from carrying the Light forward, although we have to say that we are allowed to protect them. Understand that where circumstances demand a certain outcome such as for karmic reasons, we are naturally obliged to respect them.

Each of you has entered life with a specific plan that caters for your needs, and whether you work for the Light or otherwise makes no difference. Obviously Lightworkers tend to take on far more responsibility and are chosen for their experience. It means that they often have a somewhat lonely life, but at that the same time it gives great satisfaction. Souls who incarnate for development are given only as much as they can handle, and it specifically targets areas where they need to gain experience. Other souls that take an important role in your life are chosen for you, and you meet them as “arranged” although it may well appear to be a random event. Nothing happens by chance although you are often convinced that it is the case, without planning it would be impossible to ensure you experienced exactly what you needed to evolve.

Families often stick together through many incarnations playing out different roles each time. It can explain why some families are so close together and have a very strong bond. Be assured that whoever enters your life where it has any strong and lasting affect, is part of your life plan. If for example you choose to have a close relationship with a soul that is not part of your life plan, it will not develop into anything more serious. In such circumstances you have two souls involved and beyond a friendly relationship, neither can go beyond that level of relationship. Naturally in the course of your lifetime you have many friends that come and go, but they may not have any specific influence.

Dear Ones, life is a mystery that requires much explanation if you are to grasp the significance of it. Indeed, in some respects it is beyond your present understanding, but those who are advanced in their evolution understand sufficient to be able to make suitable progress. Also bear in mind your Guides are present to influence you in ways that keep you on track. You are never alone to face life’s tribulations but your Guides need to receive your request for help, as otherwise it could go against your wishes. Once you understand what life and the need for experience is all about, you will find that it progresses more smoothly and greatly satisfying. Behind all happenings in your life, is your life plan and we repeat again that nothing happens by chance. Many people will enter your life to play their role in it, often to give you the experience you need only to move on afterwards.

Trying to make sense of everything is an overwhelming task, but you will find that your understanding grows through personal experience. For different reasons souls have their own perspective of life and what they believe it is all about. In consequence there may not be agreement about the reasons behind it, but that is to be expected in the circumstances. You are all on the same path but at different points along it, although it may not be apparent to you. All paths eventually lead back to the Godhead, which is why it is unnecessary to try and impose your views or beliefs upon others. Let all experience as they see necessary, but in doing so try not to persuade others to follow another path. Soul’ progress through their personal experience and all will reach the end of their journey at the appropriate time.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and hope these messages help you understand that the lives you have been experiencing, are to guide you back to the levels of existence that are your real home.

Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey.

Tree of Golden Light ~ SaLuSa 6 June 2014
Monday June 09th 2014, 12:14 pm
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Time such as you experience it is an illusion, but necessary for you to progress within the limitations of the Third Dimension. Nevertheless, you are beginning to sense that greater opportunities exist beyond its confines. Indeed, you are stepping into the higher vibrations, and providing you are refining yours you will remain on the path to them. Such progress is inevitable as it is time to leave the old vibrations behind with those souls who remain within them by choice. We have told you before and repeat again that it is the end of a cycle and the beginning of a New Age. At such times great changes occur that unavoidably result in chaos before settling down, but out of them will come that lasting peace that every soul seeks.

With your knowledge and experience it is your role to hold your head high and walk your path with confidence. By your example you will assist others who will notice your serenity regardless of what goes on around you. You will draw others to you of a similar vibration, and wherever you are you will be a force for good. Your Press will for a time remain controlled and concentrates on the extremes that are taking place. Eventually however, it will cover the events that are the result of the necessary changes, which herald the return of a settled world that is creating peace all around. It is your destiny and it shall be fulfilled and nothing shall be allowed to interfere with it.

Deep down all of you know the truth of your journey through many lives in the lower dimensions. However, you have varying degrees of understanding or intuition, and the more awakened you are the more aware you will have become. Do not concern yourself over those who blindly hold to their limited understanding, as they are simply experiencing according to their needs. Each soul will follow its specific path at this time, and like any other one will have its Guides to ensure they fulfil their life contract. Similarly each one will find themselves exactly where they planned to be at the end of this cycle. Because souls of a similar vibration tend to gravitate to each other, you will find groups forming with similar interests. This is also very much the case where families are concerned, who are a group of souls who often reincarnate together to continue their evolution.

Looking around you there seems to be so much going on that is not associated with the Light, but we can assure you that it is continually working to lift the vibrations. It is directed and used by entities who work from the higher dimensions on a scale that is monumental and beyond your present understanding. Indeed, it would be true to say that you are surrounded by souls who are working with the Light, and they come from many different levels. They have answered the call for help to assist you to fulfil you life contracts. Remember also that there are millions of souls off planet who are there to serve the Light, including our own fleets and personal that draws closer to you all of the time. You and Mother Earth are all so important to the future of your Solar System and your destiny.

The days of being separated from each other are drawing to a close, and already there is more harmony and agreement between you. Naturally some situations are still volatile and give cause for concern, but when they have come to a higher realisation that life is more simple and happy through co-operation, matters will change quite quickly. So we cannot interfere when karma is being played out, but when souls turn to the Light we are so pleased to be able to help them progress. As much as we would like to show ourselves more openly and come even closer to you, we know that we have to wait for the right time when peace abounds.

Keep your minds on the grand future that awaits you, and do not let periods of turmoil set you back. All will turn out to your liking sooner that you might imagine and peace will settle upon Earth. Already the vibrations are uplifting and on the path to peace, but it will be necessary for it to embrace far more countries than it does at present.  People generally seek a peaceful existence and but for those who deliberately foster bad relationships for self gain, would live happily with each other. It is possible to live life as you choose, but it crosses the line when it interferes with others who may have chosen a different way.

You will have noticed that the activities of the dark Ones have been curtailed, and that is by our intervention and we have ensured that they do not start another world war or major confrontation. We have shown them on a number of occasions that we will not allow them to use their nuclear warheads and have prevented them from firing such weaponry. They know that we are responsible and that they can do nothing to reverse the situation. They also realise that we have to allow them a degree of freewill, which is why they refuse to surrender and stop their activities that go way out into space. You may rest assured that although your Earth is vulnerable to interference, we will not allow the dark Ones to stop progress towards creating a new Earth.

Matters still speed ever onwards to completion and as the changes go ahead, so the New Age is coming in to replace the old ways that are no longer fulfilling your needs. Your levels of consciousness are continually rising and will continue to do so until you once again become Galactic Beings. You have little idea of how evolved you really are, and much of what you experience is simply a matter of awakening memories that have become dormant. Some of you have quite expanded levels of consciousness, and will be the mainstays of those called upon to help others find the true path to full understanding.

Those of you who follow World News will notice that there is a distinct change between some countries that historically have always been at odds with each other. Suddenly there has been a change and peaceful settlements are being sought, and this is a sign of the peace that is settling upon Earth. It affects you all and we hope you will promote peace wherever you go, and if you can do this you will be of great service to the Human Race.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank you for your service to the Light. There is no better way to help your fellow travellers, and our love accompanies you.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.