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7th March 2016

New Moon Shakti Fire Ceremony

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We honour each New Moon with this sacred fire ceremony.
Join us at the Daisy Centre on:
Wednesday 9th March 2016 (6:30 to 7:00)
Thursday 7th April 2016 (6:30 to 7:00)
The Shakti Fire is a holy fire ceremony. It invites the pure female creation energy from the heavenly spheres to Earth, so that it can take its hereditary place on Earth again and be part of the manifestation of the Golden Age on Earth.
The healing and balancing of your own male and female creation energy can be supported during the Shakti Fire Ceremony.
This is a participative ceremony ~ you are welcome to bring flowers and rice and give these to the Shakti Fire Priestess so that she can put them into the fire.
For more information contact Bari on:  07726 762656 

10th December 2015

Winter Solstice Retreat – Angels of Awakening at the Daisy Centre

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IMG_2947Winter Solstice Retreat
Angels of Awakening at the Daisy Centre
18th – 23rd December 2015
Daisy & Paul Foss are in Glastonbury 
for 5 nights, do come and join us.
The Winter Solstice is at the end of the calendar year and the start of the next cycle, a still point of reflection,regeneration and conception of life itself.
Paul and I are in Glastonbury the week before Christmas, it our most favourite Sabbatt. You can come for the whole 5 nights or to suit yourself, as long as it is a minimum of two nights.We have only planned a few events, we are leaving the rest of the time to unfold with appointments for healing, meeting old friends and other agendas. The energy of the winter solstice is the completion and tidying up of old ends, finishing what you have started and planning new projects, so that they are ready for the spring time.
In the natural order, there is never a definite end or beginning, everything just flows with ease and grace. If it feel right to come the the Isle of Avalon to feel the energies of the land, then just do, be in the moment. Take some time for yourself to be still and centred, to connect with your heart felt thoughts and deepest feelings. Invite and accept a gift for yourself from the Angels of Awakening at this time of festive joy.
We are offering a bespoke option or four proposed healing packages, the itineraries and prices are below.
18th- depart 20th December a two day Angels Of Awakening Healing Retreat
Healing Package A – Total of £200 for one person –
Two nights accomodation for one person £100, One AOA Healing session £80, One AOA Evening £20.
Healing Package B – Total £360 for two people in standard rooms
Two nights accommodation for 2 people standard rooms £160. Two AOA Healing sessions £160. Two AOA Evening £40.
20th to depart 23rd December a three day Angels Of Awakening Healing Retreat
Healing Package C – Total of £250 for one person.
Three nights accomadation for one person £150. One AOA Healing session £80. One AOA Evening £20.
Healing Package D – Total £440 for two persons in standard rooms
Three nights accommodation for two people standard rooms £240. Two AOA Healing sessions £160.Two AOA Evening £40.
For you to mix and match we have – Bespoke option F- find out the individual room prices start from £40 a night or £50 for the single traveller. For a double or twin room it is only £80 or £90 a night per room.
The Events Planned;
*18th December – Angels of Awakening Group Healing Evening – 7.30pm – 9.30pm
New from the Angels of Awakening, an evening event which includes  Meditation, Angel Healing, Crystal Activations for a rejuvenating Meditation facilitated by Daisy Foss. Accompanied by Sounds of the Harmony Drum from Paul Foss.
The  Evening  Event is £20 for two hours of fun and frivolity.
*Unique Winter Solstice Healing Session from Merlin and the Angels of Awakening.
Daisy will call in the Angels of Awakening  and also use Vortex Healing UAP for aligning,centering, integrating and completion of your biggest issue of 2015. Daisy Recently completed the most up to date VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing course in Virginia Beach and during that process lost her Original Veil. It is another awakening experience which enables more Divine Light to flow through her system. This will enhance your energetic healing experience and  you really will feel the difference.
Daisy will be available for a personal  appointment on 19th,20th,21st & 22nd December during this retreat.The price is  £80 an hour in Glastonbury and £100 an hour in London from 2016.
*Christmas Messages & Blessings from the Angels
Treat yourself to personal oracle guidance from Daisy and her Angels of Awakening Oracle cards, Doreen  Virtue’s and Stewart Peirce’s Angels of Atlantis messages. Angel Therapy is also given during these readings to compliment  a unique Winter Solstice Healing Session from Merlin and the Angels of Awakening. you can either book both sessions or choose  either one in the AOA Healing packages.Daisy will also be available for a personal  Christmas Messages & Blessings from the Angels on 19th,20th,21st & 22nd December during this retreat.The price is  £70 an hour in Glastonbury and £80 an hour in London from 2016.
*22nd December – Angels of Awakening Winter Solstice Ceremony, Meditation & Messages – 9.30 to 11.30am
New from the Angels of Awakening, an event which includes  Meditation, Angel Healing, Crystal Activations for a balancing and harmonising  Meditation facilitated by Daisy Foss. Accompanied by Sounds of the Harmony Drum from Paul Foss.The  early morning  event is £20 for two hours .
Please note;
This will be the format for the all Equinox’s, Soltices’s, Sabbats and Esbbats throughout 2016.
So do please book in advance as the healing session and accomadation are limited. 

We only offer accommodation, there is no breakfast included.

The prices above are for standard rooms. Ensuite rooms are £90 per room per night. A single person in a double room is £60 per room per night. You may book a Healing session without accommodation. One person  from each room has to have a healing session during your stay in the Daisy Centre. This must be with one of our certified therapists. All T&C apply.


Daisy Centres in Glastonbury.

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Angels of Awakening Healing Centre
Daisy Centre
Glastonbury, Somerset, UK




Halo Angels, 

I want to thank all our friends, guests and clients for their continued love and support. We have decided to bow out at the top of our game like any good athlete. Paul and I do feel that we have been on one long marathon run since 2006.

It’s time to pass the baton over to the next Angel Team. Is it you? Do you know someone who might enjoy the task? All the details are now available on iMoove ~ Sarah and her team will help you all they can.

I am not giving up my Healing Practice in London or Glastonbury, so do please continue to call for appointments. Life is changing and it will give me more time to do what  I love most; opening people’s hearts and watching them wake up and transform themselves to their true selves and so may that continue.

The Angels of Awakening have always been at the Daisy Centres, it is time for them to step forward and take centre stage. We are now a Healing Centre with Accommodation, no longer a B&B with Healing. A subtle change  which means those that really want to fully experience everything we do, can now. There are a few changes, mainly ones we have been asked for! Hopefully you will feel the same.

Angels of Awakening Healing Centre

Daisy Centre
Glastonbury, Somerset, UK
Welcome to Soul and Spirit’s favourite spiritual retreat for the four years running!  A wonderful tranquil healing space in the heart of Glastonbury, located a few yards away from Glastonbury High Street beside the historic and majestic St Johns Church. Daisy’s House is in the ideal location to offer you a peaceful retreat from the ever increasing speed of daily life.
We have 7 bedrooms all of which offer something special for our guests. The Zadkiel Room with en suite, Jophiel Room, Archangel Michael Room, Archangel Chamuel with en suite, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Raphael Room and Archangel Melchizedek. The  Archangel  Gabriel Room and the Angel of Awakening Sanctuary  are available for meetings or meditations. Car parking facilities outside the gates. Healing sessions are available to all of our guests and visitors. Ideal for those seeking a special space to relax and explore the magical land of Avalon, and for groups on spiritual or creative retreats.
Group Bookings
At Daisy Centre we specialise in facilitating Group Bookings and trust that our facilities will suit your requirements.
You can have exclusive use of Daisy Centre, including our relaxation/workshop spaces and the beautiful secluded garden to hold your retreat, run workshops, or have a friends or family gathering i.e. hand-fasting or similar ceremonies.
Our 7 light-filled bedrooms have a capacity of 14 people
4 bedrooms have their own private toilet and 2 bedrooms are fully en-suite. In addition we have
2 stand-alone shower rooms with toilet and sink and 1 main bathroom with shower, bath, sink and toilet.
Relaxation/Workshop Rooms
Angels of Awakening Sanctuary ~ Archangel Metatron’s Room ~ a serene lounge space within the main house with sofas and chairs and a music system/ I-pod docking station. Ideal for meditations/workshops.
Archangel Gabriel Music Realm ~ a standalone workshop room in the garden~ a perfect space for a workshop or
yoga retreat. Complete with wood sprung floor and a music system, there is a comfortable sofa and an arm chair included, and if required additional chairs can be supplied.It has a small front terrace/ decking area overlooking the garden.
Full Kitchen Use
We have a well equipped kitchen including fridge, freezer, Bosch 5 ring gas hob, double electric oven/microwave and filter coffee maker. There is ample worktop space plus table and seating for 4. Cable TV.
Conservatory Dining Room
A light-filled dining room with garden view. Large table seats 10-12, with additional smaller table for larger groups.
Beautiful Private Garden
Wooden garden table and reclining chairs, a small pond with water feature, lawn area and flower beds.
Prices for Daisy Centre Whole House Rental from November 2015:
Capacity of 7 ~ 14 people
Nightly Rate ~ £560.00 per night based on 14 people
Minimum three night booking (3 nights £1680.00)
Two consecutive nights booking by agreement only

The Angels of Awakening Academy will be coming soon,  we launch the new website and business in November, Hallelujah. So watch this space for more announcements as they arise.

So have a lovely Summer and do come and see us for one last time.

Love Daisy & Paul

Angels of Awakening Angelic Healing Retreat ~

Daisy Centres,6 Church Lane, Glastonbury, BA69JQ

01458 834 587 ~ 07970 108 156 


Winner of 3 In a Bed on Channel 4
Please call or email for further details.



Angels of Awakening Academy

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White Wings Angels of Awakening Academy ~ By Daisy Foss~ 

They have guided Daisy to open the
 Angels of Awakening Academy in April 2016.
The Angels of Awakening want to bring more of their light and healing to you.
They will combine Angels, Awakening tools and Sacred Geometry to awaken, enliven and transform you in a beautifully serene Angelic way. Enrol for a place today on one of our weekend retreats or 3 month and 12 month courses.
Heart One of the Ascension Process 
One of our weekend retreats

Heart Two is a  3 month online workshop  

  Heart Three is a 12 month online webinaire

Angels of Awakening Heart One of the Ascension Process ~ Weekend Healing Retreats with Daisy Foss Daisy Lotus

*Meet your Angel and receive your healing initiation from the Angels of Avalon. Discover the qualities of absolute angel love and heart healing.

*Develop an understanding of your own energy and the Ascension Process.

*Powerful guided meditations

*Initiation into the Angels of Awakening One Heart, One Love, As One

*Instruction on how to use the Angel Light healing system ~ and more

“Find Your Wings and Fly”

As part of the weekend workshops you will receive a number of gifts. These include the

Angels of Awakening ~ Lessons of Love, Life & Creation personally signed edition of Daisy’s book, a gift from your angel and Angels of Awakening initiation.

Angels of Awakening Heart Two of the Ascension Process ~ New 3 month online workshop  with Daisy Foss 

New for 2016, be one of the first to sign up for this 12 week transformation of mind body and soul. We start the process on 7th April 2016. The price and  details will be revealed to those who enquire in January 2016.

Angels of Awakening Heart Two of the Ascension Process ~ New 12 month online webinar  with Daisy Foss 

New for 2016, be one of the first to sign up for this 12 month transformation of mind body and soul. We start the process on 7th July 2016. It will include a 10 day retreat for in-depth healing experience. The price and details will be revealed to those who enquire in January 2016.For booking your space please contact:


Angels of Awakening Angelic Healing Retreat, 6 Church Lane, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 9JQ

01458-834587 ~ 07970 108156

www.daisycentres.com ~ info@daisycentres.com


Daisy Foss at Daisy Centre, Glastonbury UK

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Daisy Foss 
Angels of Awakening
Perk up your petals ~ 
Open your Heart to Love ~ 
Personal Healing by appointment available in in person, phone, facetime, skype or online.
London~15th,16th&17th December 2015~5th,6th,7th & 8th Jan 2016
Glastonbury~18th,19th, 20th, 21st & 22nd December 2015 ~ 9th-17th Jan 2016
Daisy has been working with Merlin and the Angels in London since 1999. Qualified at Vortex Healing® Divine Energy Healing at the most advanced levels of  Merlin’s Grace, Angelic Heart 1,2 and 3.  She completed the UAP, Universal Assemblege Point Healing course in Virginia Beach and during that process lost her Original Veil.
Book a Healing Treatment with Daisy now and for 2016. 
Stay the night at the Daisy Centre or for the weekend.Longer stays are possible to enable you to really feel the benefit of a Residential Healing Experience.
Choose an hour Healing Therapy from the following  
*Angels of Awakening Process
*VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing
*VortexHealing ® Angel  Heart
*VortexHealing® Fascia Unwinding  90mins
*Angels of Awakening Breath Initiation
*Angels of Awakening Reiki
*Angelic Crystal Healing
*Angelic Sound Activation
*Daisy Matrix Connection to Source
*Angels of Awakening Oracle Card Reading
*Past Life Regression
Concessions available for all the above healing modalities,
Join our mailing list and sign up now on 07970 108156 or 01458 834587
Angel Oracle Readings and Angelic Reiki Attunements also available.  
Choose an hour Healing Therapy from the following  

Daisy Lotus

Angels of Awakening Process  ~ £80 / £100 in London

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing ~ £80  / £100 London

VortexHealing ® Angel  Heart ~ £80 /£100 London

VortexHealing® Fascia Unwinding  90mins ~ £120 / £140 London
Do you have an issue in your life that you just can’t shift? Do you want to awaken to your true being?  Although you can see the pattern you don’t seem to be able to do anything about it. It is time for a positive change! If you feel stuck, if you are depressed, and if you are stressed or if you have any emotional or physical issues, let Daisy help you to make that change.
During a relaxing session of healing she will release you from any ties that bind you and begin you on a new journey of self-discovery that will change your life.VortexHealing® is the registered trade mark of Ric Weinman used here with permission.  www.vortexhealing.org
Angels of Awakening Breath Initiation ~ £120
Angels of Awakening Breath Initiation
As your breath flows through your spine calling the Angelic light to fill your being. Energising, rejuvenating, and awakening every particle of your divine self. Clearing and cleansing any karmic issues that are holding you in a conditioned pattern. A completely unique way of connecting to your Angelic Realm, the breath has been used by the yogi’s over centuries to deepen your Spiritual connection. Angels of Awakening.com 1 hour session with Daisy is £120. Multiple Initiations are at £90.00

Angels of Awakening Reiki ~ £70  

This is a spiritual form of healing; with a direct connection to Divine Love, bringing to you a soft and very gentle serenity. Suitable for all issues and ailments, very successful at releasing addictions, especially smoking.
1 hour session with Daisy is £70. Multiple sessions are at £65.00.

Angelic Crystal Healing ~ £70

Angelic Sound Activation  ~ £90

Daisy Matrix Connection to Source ~ £70 

Activate your Mer Ka Ba and connect to your Daisy Matrix, this allows the golden light of the Divine to flow through you as the Golden Mean energy.This session will reawaken your cellular memory from past lives in Egypt and other Temple initiations. its really good and releasing old implants of stuck energy.1 hour session with Daisy is £70. Multiple sessions are at £65.00

Angels of Awakening Oracle Card Reading ~ £70

Daisy uses her own cards and  Doreen Virtue’s Cards to receive clear answers to your questions or ask for guidance from the Angels~ £70 for 1 hour session, this includes Angel Therapy.Past Life Regression ~ £80 Concessions available for all the above healing modalities, just ask Daisy, 45 minutes for £60.

Daisy Matrix©  Golden Pyramid Healing 

Activate your Mer Ka Ba and connect to your Daisy Matrix, this allows the golden light of the Divine to flow through you as the Golden Mean energy.This session will reawaken your cellular memory from past lives in Egypt and other Temple initiations. its really good and releasing old implants of stuck energy.1 hour session with Daisy is £70. Multiple sessions are at £65.00

Oracle Card Reading 

Daisy uses her own cards and  Doreen Virtue’s Cards to receive clear answers to your questions or ask for guidance from the Angels~ £70 for 1 hour session, this includes Angel Therapy.
Prices in London include the room hire charge, regular, long standing and fellow VortexHealers are exempt.
Please contact Daisy ~ 07970 108156 ~ 01458 834 587
info@daisycentres.com ~ Skype: daisy.foss.mobile

About Daisy

Daisy Foss has been a Healer and Angel light worker for over 30 years. Her friendly, down to earth manner is refreshing and reassuring. She has had many successes associated with Angels and Healing, some of the results have been truly amazing. She uses her unique blend of caring and humour to reach people who may have never considered this kind of self-awareness.

 Daisy Foss is the founder of the Angels of Awakening Process© and a practicing VortexHealer®  using Multi Dimensional Jewel and all the ‘Tools’ Merlin has to provide including reality shifting. This advanced VortexHealing technique can help with emotional and physical issues by releasing fears and Karmic blockages on all levels. Daisy is qualified in the following disciplines: UAP Angelic Heart 1,2 &3, Merlins Grace, Multi Dimensional Jewel BOE, Jewel I & Jewel II, VortexHealing Multi Frequency, Breaking Time Lines, Inter-dimensional, Life Form, Heart Freedom & Presence, Genetics, Sensing in the Body, OMEGA, Advanced Genetics, Karmic Body Release, Body of Merlin’s Jewel, Advanced Sensing, Advanced Genetics, Essence & Divine Magic, Divine Doors, Facia Unwinding Massage, EIP of DNA, Magnified Healing Phase I, II & III. Sekhem Seichim Usui Reiki Master Teacher & Angel of Awakening Reiki© Master Teacher. Alpha-Omega-Zenith Healing©, Angel Therapy Practioner™ Certification from Dr Doreen Virtue.


Please contact Daisy ~ 07970 108156 ~ 01458 834 587
info@daisycentres.com ~ Skype: daisy.foss.mobile


Bari Brown at Daisy Centre, Glastonbury, UK

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Bari Brown
Is in Brazil as an authorised Guide to 
John of God until March 2016 
Bari is a Spiritual Guide, Emotional Alchemist
and a Peace Minister. She specialises in helping people recognise the barriers that stop them from connecting to the Light within and provides help to clear those barriers. Bari helps guide you out of confusion and into the Light of your own Soul
Bari is a qualified Alpha Chi Consultant, an ordained Peace Minister, an Angelic Reiki Master, an Aura Soma and EFT Practitioner. She is also an authorised Guide to John of God in Brazil, a Relax Kids Teacher, a  Meditation Leader and a Thai  Massage  Therapist.
Book a Healing Treatment with Bari  in advance for 2016.

Stay the night at the Daisy Centre for a  weekend or longer to really benefit from a Residential Healing Experience. Bari will be back in March 2016 from her sacred journey to Brazil.
Atlantis Crystal Healing ~ be inspired by the light & power of crystals and let your full potential shine. Experience this ancient wisdom applied in new ways for today.
Thai Hot Compress Healing Massage ~ deep relaxation for your body, mind & soul. Promotes deep relaxation, stimulates blood & lymphatic flow and soothes muscle tension.

Emotional Freedom Technique ~ EFT works with your subtle energies and emotions to improve your health and well-being. It involves tapping on certain energy meridian points to clear old stored energy, emotional response patterns and beliefs.

Angelic Reiki ~ connecting you to your soul energy. During the healing session you receive a down pouring of your soul energy which helps raise your consciousness.

Angel Oracle Readings and Angelic Reiki Attunements also available.
For further information: www.soulconnections.org.uk
Or contact Bari on 07726 762656, bari.brown@yahoo.com

James Coombes at the Daisy Centre, Glastonbury UK

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James Coombes 
Is in the physical Presence of Amma, visiting her Ashram in Kerala, Southern India. He will join us in February 2016
In 2005 James graduated from The Foundation for Integrated Energy Healing, which was a three year multi-modality energy healing training.
In 2006 he began training in Vortex Healing® Divine Energy Healing and is qualified at the most advanced levels, Merlin’s Grace and Universal AP.
James is experienced in being able to track issues to their root cause, whether that is physical or emotional…what is presenting on the surface can often be the symptom of something deeper and for healing to go all the way through it is important to address the root cause of any issue.  He holds a clear space for the healing process to unfold, guiding when necessary with sensitivity, presence and wisdom.
Book a Healing Treatment with James  in advance for 2016. 
Stay the night at the Daisy Centre for a  weekend or longer to really benefit from a Residential Healing Experience.
Vortex Healing®Divine Energy Healing
at Merlin’s Grace and Universal AP level.
Integrated Energy Healing
This healing art includes past life regressions, healing the inner child, relationship cord healing, trauma release both physical and emotional and other current life issues and blockages.
Divine Healing Massage.
This is a full body treatment that uses oil; it combines Holistic massage and Deep tissue massage techniques.  The physical techniques are infused with divine healing energies to facilitate a more relaxing, nourishing and rejuvenating treatment.

Patricia Hubbleday at the Daisy Centre, Glastonbury UK

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Patricia - happy 3
Patricia Hubbleday
VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing Merlin’s Grace level
Patricia joins us right away and is available for healing by appointment.
Patricia started many years ago doing Spiritual Healing on friends and family.
In 2012 she began to train in the powerful healing art of VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing. She has now trained to Merlin’s Grace level (an advanced level), which empowers her to work in depth on a wide range of conditions and issues, including healing karma and genetics.
She offers sessions of around 1.5 hours so that she can listen to clients’ concerns and help you explore what is at the root of them.
Patricia has also spent 20 years training in the meditation practices of Tibetan Buddhism and has explored a variety of other spiritual traditions, so she brings an understanding of the spiritual path to her work.
Ring Patricia on 01458-837922 or email pathubbleday@yahoo.co.uk for further information or to book a treatment.
Refresh Yourself  ~ Well-being Tune-up

Tuesdays 7:15 pm (doors shut 7:30 pm)
December: Tuesdays 1st, 8th, 15th

January 2016: Tuesdays 5th, 12th
February 2016: every TuesdayDrop-in £6 per class at: Daisy Centre, 6 Church Lane, Glastonbury BA6 9JQ

This group healing uses the power of Merlin’s Grace level VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing to recharge and refresh you in mind, body and spirit.

This is a session of approximately one hour to relax and receive pure healing.

For more information ring Patricia 01458 837922


Inner Infinity Alignment Meditation, Activation & Channelled Transmission

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Inner Infinity Alignment

Meditation, Activation & Channelled Transmission

 The Daisy Centre, 6 Church Lane, Glastonbury
Sunday 13th December 2015 ~ 2pm-5:15pm
By donation – pay what you can
Together we sit in sacred space and allow through what is needed for our highest alignment in a channelled activation for embodying infinite Source as our I Am consciousness.
Resting in the Infinite Self and connecting with the archangels, the angels, and the elementals and Gaia, with our Higher Self as the gatekeeper for all we receive and release, together we move through our inner alchemy of creating with a deep inner alignment activation meditation.
As we embody the harmonious tantric balance of masculine and feminine, we open the gateways to ourselves as sovereign beings, in union within, with each other and with All That Is.
Co-hosted by GevaAn Woodland, energy worker and channel for multiple levels of the elemental realm & Lucy Hunter, healer, metaphysician and energy worker with Source consciousness.
Contact Lucy at
hovehealing@gmail.com to book a place or for more info
One to one sessions available on request with either Lucy or GevaAn

24th November 2015

SaLuSa 23 October 2015

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SaLuSa  23 October 2015

Time moves ever faster and for you there never seems to be enough to do the tasks you have set yourselves. Yet you do manage and achieve so much in your work for the Light. There are so many of you spread across the world doing your bit to bring the Light to Earth. Your success is such that the Light is now so powerful that it cannot be stopped from bringing even more souls into it. At times you have been disappointed at the time it is taking to cleanse the planet of the negativity that has built up over eons of time. Yet it has given more souls the opportunity to find the Light for themselves. However, a time has come when the New Age must be manifested, and with that in mind action has been taken to speed things up. The Illuminati have had their powers curtailed, and as you are probably aware can no longer use their nuclear weapons. We have often emphasised the point by hovering our craft over their silos and disarming them. In no circumstance will they be allowed to use them and we have made sure they fully understand.

You are destined to ascend and nothing will be allowed to stop it taking place. Matters on Earth may seem to be in a turmoil but with so much happening we are not surprised. The cleansing period is in full swing and is necessary to make way for the New Age to fully manifest. The old ways have to change and many of them are necessary before you can take advantage of the new inventions that we are waiting to give you. The most beneficial one is certainly a unit that will allow you to be self-sufficient for all of your energy needs. You already have the knowledge given to you, but it will take time for it to benefit everyone. Be assured that we know of your needs and we shall satisfy them as fast as possible, once the circumstances are right for it.

We have many ways of helping you quickly take your place in the New Age, so be assured that we are ready. We ask you to be confident and assured of your future, as we have prepared ourselves to be at your side during the period of change. We know fully well what you need, and with our advanced technologies can meet your requirements without any problems. Even the distribution can be taken care of as we have no difficulties in that connection. When you think of the size of some of our craft that are several miles long you will understand why we are confident of our abilities. In quick time we want all of you to be able to have your essential needs supplied, and we have the means to do it.

Dear Ones, we know these times are very frustrating for you, and we are doing all we can to ease your circumstances. There are occasions when we cannot reveal our intentions as we must keep the methods we use secret. We will however say that nothing can escape our notice even if it is hidden out of sight. You have to remember that our technologies are far beyond your present capabilities. That of course gives us an advantage when confronted by your dark forces. We are however restricted in what we can do for you as there are times when you must find your own way, through your own abilities. If we did certain things for you it would take away a learning opportunity that you needed and we have to stand aside.

You have your leaders and we protect them in their work so the dark Ones do not have it all their own way. It does take courage and determination to stand fast in the face of their attempts to disrupt things. There are many brave souls who carry out their work for the Light regardless of whatever attempts are made to stop them. The result has been a steady flow of information that has helped people understand what is happening at this particular time. It is most important that people know what is happening but are also aware of the implications. We say quite confidently that all goes well, but you have to see the broader picture to fully understand.

Matters concerning your Solar System are well in hand, and other Beings such as the SPECTRE have recently joined us to add support in your defence. There is such a strong system in place that we know beyond doubt that you are now safe from interference. You are therefore assured of a safe journey to the completion of your time in your present dimension. On a personal level you have many souls with you who look after your welfare and help with your life plan. There has never been such an important time such as now, and we will see you complete your journey through the lower dimension into the next one, in your physical body.

Your reliable source of information is the Internet, yet you have to be cautious as the dark Ones put out false information to confuse you. Most of you who have raised your vibrations are intuitive, and it is a reliable way to check out the truth of what is placed before you. If in doubt set it aside until you know if it is genuine, and you will not go far wrong. You have many reliable sources of information and it is wise to stick with those that have proved truthful. David Wilcock is such a source that many of you use with confidence, and he is an absolute mine of information. Even he is “attacked” because of his work, but is fully protected by the Light forces. There are of course other sources for which you need to use your discretion at all times. If it does not sound or read right put it aside until you can be sure.

Many Lightworkers are involved in getting the truth out, but until the Illuminati are removed it is difficult to give the whole story. Matters are quite different to what the majority of you think, and is not helped by those who put themselves forward as experts, but have also been misled. That is why we have often recommended that you stick to a reliable source that you trust. Therefore be open to new ideas and opinions even if they go against your present understanding. When the truth comes out you will be astounded to think that you have been misled for so long, and kept in a time warp. By now you should have been enjoying the fruits of your discoveries and moved far ahead.  Yet although new ideas and inventions have come up, the dark Ones have had such power that they have been shelved and only used by them. In the long run you will not miss out, but you have had to settle for a more difficult life than was necessary.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can express myself more freely now that the dark Ones are losing their power over you. In the present circumstances, knowledge can be dangerous when they want to keep it to themselves. That will all change before long and an era of free speech will begin, when you will be able to express yourselves without fear. Already your minds are opening up to the manner in which you are kept in the dark, and you are becoming more questioning of what you have been told in the past. Carry on with your good work and do not fear the consequences as you will be protected. I leave you with my Love and Blessings, and ever look forward to the time when we can come together.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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