Angels of Awakening

Angels of Awakening


About the Authors

Daisy Foss has loved angels all her life, and she has had many Angelic encounters. She has been in contact and is aware of their presence, association and guidance.

Her pearls of wisdom are sourced from her many teachers, including her Mother, Grandmother and Hakim Awyan, a wonderful Egyptian tribal elder who teaches Ancient Khemitian History.

Daisy has studied VortexHealing to Jewel level, is a Reiki Master Healer/Teacher and Angel Emissary. She uses her unique blend of caring and humour to bring unconditional love and Angelic blessings to everyone she meets

Daisy is very happy to come and talk about the Angels of Awakening and her experiences with them, whether it is a small group of people in a meditation group or a large conference, her TV presenting experience kicks in and everyone goes home much the wiser.

Laraine Krantz has been a photographer with the Chicken Shed Theatre Company for the past 12 years. She carries the philosophy of this unique company through all of her work. We all have special needs. There truly is magic in every thing, we just have to believe it, her work witnesses this. Laraine is a Reiki Master/Healer and lives and practices in London.