A Big House,
With a Big Heart,
In the Centre of Glastonbury

Daisy Centres
An Angelic Healing Retreat with Bed and Breakfast.
We love groups of spiritual seekers coming to stay in Glastonbury, The Heart of Avalon.

We welcome you to our wonderful, tranquil, healing space in the centre of Glastonbury. Situated on the Michael ley line our centre has a nurturing atmosphere of angelic serenity that fills the whole house making your stay that extra bit special. Your bedroom is your haven, the rooms are spotlessly clean, bright and luxuriously warm.

We are in the ideal location to enjoy a peaceful retreat or pilgrimage. Located moments away from Glastonbury High Street, beside St John's Church and five minutes from the Abbey, with all its mythical Arthurian lore. A twenty minute walk takes you to the calming Garden of Chalice Well and the famous Glastonbury Tor.

We specialise in group retreats for up to 12 people, starting at £570 per night for 8 guests including the Gabriel workshop space. For a group booking please email or call, B&B can be booked online.

Join us for an Angel Healing Retreat
If you would like to join an Angelic retreat, we have a selection of exclusive Angels of Awakening Retreats, One to One Healing Sessions with Daisy Foss, Angelic Crystal Sound Group Healings, Evening and Weekend Psychic Group Meditations. Please contact us to book.


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