Self-Awakening Workshops and our Unique B&B Retreats.

All in the magical location of Avalon, Glastonbury.

Daisy and Paul, known as the Angel and the Alchemyst, invite you to join them to enjoy their Self-Awakening Workshops & Retreats as B&B guests. We hope this is a wonderful opportunity for you to combine the freedom of Glastonbury’s sacred energy with Daisy’s Healing and Paul’s Meditation Music. Explore Avalon and leave with a little piece of magic in your heart and wisdom in your head as you link in with the Mystery School that is Glastonbury.

Angels of Awakening Healing Weekends

Friday Angel & the Alchemyst Meditation
7.30pm - 8.30pm, £10
Angelic meditation with Daisy accompanied by the Sounds of the Harmony Drum with Paul Foss

Saturday The Daisy Matrix
10am - 12pm, £50.
Mystery School Wisdom building on your Egyptian knowledge, working with the Flower of Life and other symbols

Sunday Angel and Crystal Workshop
10am - 12pm, £50
Discover how to communicate with your Angel, find out what the Angels want you to know and how Angels work with your favourite crystals.

All weekend
Private AOA Healing and Vortex Healing with Daisy Foss, 1 hour, £80

Accommodation available from £50 per night including breakfast in the beautiful Angelic retreat house.

2020 Dates
May 8th – 10th
June 5th – 7th
July 10th – 12th
September 11th – 13th
October 9th – 11th
November 6th – 8th
Daisy’s Retreats- please email for details
March 23rd – 27th: Equinox Retreat
December 18th – 22nd Solstice Retreat

Spiritual Retreats at the Daisy Centres
When life is overwhelming and you need some spiritual solace, come to one of Daisy’s Spiritual Healing weekends. We usually hold these retreats over the Esbats of the year, Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas and Samhain.  Glastonbury is alive with its traditional festivals and colourful events taking place through out the town. We can take you on a guided tour of the Sacred sites if you ask, if we are not available we will recommend Tors Tours.

The midweek or weekend retreats are a time for you to reconnect with yourself through Meditation and Divine Energy Healing in a space filled with Amma’s Love, especially in the Gabriel room. If Daisy is not available we have a list of wonderful local healers, who have many different healing modalities available on request. 

Angels, Crystals and Reiki Workshops
Daisy combines these three healing energies so that you can experience the beautiful higher Angelic connection from heaven. Mix this with the power of the crystalline realms of inner earth and feel the Physical Chi, Universal energy of the Reiki Symbols from the Reiki Masters. Daisy will offer these classes to 6 or more guests on request. You can decide when you want to arrange this workshop. You can also invite Daisy to your hometown and combine these workshops with one to one healing sessions.

This workshop can be a whole day from 10 - 5pm or two half days 10.00 - 1.00 or 2.00  - 5.00. It is often advisable to book a one to one healing with Daisy to integrate this experience.
Daisy also holds her Angels Of Awakening Reiki classes by request for those who already have an Usui Empowerment or the absolute beginner who wishes to be attuned to Reiki and become a Master.

Healer, Heal your Wounded Self Through your Egyptian Priestess or Priest Linage 
Daisy Foss brings the energies of the Ancient Wisdom of the Temples along the Nile. This will help you to see your way forward, to rebirth, rebuild and transforming yourself to your greatest potential, remembering your Mystery School Wisdom. The Gabriel room with its Pyramid on its roof is the perfect place to experience the “Golden Mean Energy” of the Flower of Life. Daisy will explain and work with the Flower of Life and other sacred geometry symbols.

Golden Pyramid Healing and Egyptian Past Life Regression,
Daisy uses Merlin’s Healing art, Vortex Healing, Divine Energy Healing ® at Accessing Manifesting Intention (AMI) level and her knowledge from Isis, the Goddess of love to help you understand and heal these wounds. Along with the Angels Of Awakening, the Angels of The Angles, the Sacred Geometry Angels and the Angels of Alchemy.

This workshop can be a whole day from 10 - 5pm or two half days 10.00 - 1.00 or 2.00  - 5.00. It is often advisable to book a one to one healing with Daisy to integrate this experience.

To book any of these workshops or any of the healing sessions associated with these events, please call or email Daisy or the Daisy Centres. All of these classes are included in our Rose Quartz Community Angel Loyalty membership and go towards giving you special rates and discounts

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