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Archangel Michael - Family

Archangel Michael Room - Angel of Spiritual Protection

In the main house this room sits on the famous Michael Ley Line. Archangel Michael's presence fills this room with strength and understanding. It has a majestic view of St John's Church and the Somerset hills.

Probably the most well known of the Archangels Michael brings strength, truth and protection to clear all your old stuff and help you thoughout your day.

This marvellous room is available as a king-size double or twin with a third single bed making it a great family room. Opposite a beautiful white bathroom to relax in, shared with Jophiel and Melchizedek.

Maximum 3 people

Price: £320.00 - based on 2 adults staying for 2 night(s)
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Archangel Madonna - Double/Twin

Madonna - Jophiel the Angel of Beauty

She is usually seen holding a light that can illuminate people's souls with beautiful thoughts. Archangel Jophiel also known as Madonna is helping you to see the beauty that surrounds us, as we discover more joy and laughter to lighten up your lives. A favourite room for Mothers and Daughters.

It has a spectacular view of St John's Church, dedicated to St John the Baptist. It is on the first floor of the main house and available as either a super king-size double or twin this room is truly peaceful filled with sunshine and love.

The spacious white bathroom which is adjoining this room shares with Michael and Melchizedek.

Maximum 2 people

Price: £220.00 - based on 2 adults staying for 2 night(s)
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Archangel Chamuel - Double/Twin Ensuite

Archangel Chamuel Room - Angel of Love

Situated in the White Garden, surrounded by flowers, Chamuel is the Archangel of Love, Compassion & Forgiveness.

For that special person, occasion or anniversary, Archangel Chamuel is rumoured to be our most romantic space of love.

This beautiful double ensuite room is a short walk from the house and has either a super king-sized double or twin beds.

Maximum 2 people

Price: £240.00 - based on 2 adults staying for 2 night(s)
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Archangel Raphael & Uriel - Two single adjoining rooms with ensuite

Archangel Raphael Room - Angel of Healing

With Archangel Raphael's wonderful healing energy in this bright white space of tranquillity, it is a perfect room for the single traveller on a short or long stay.

It has its own ensuite & is situated in the White Garden, a short walk from the house.

This room is linked with the Archangel Uriel double / single room for friends or children. This set-up also links the toilet to both rooms.

Archangel Uriel Room - ANGEL OF WISDOM AND TRUTH

In a private corner of our White Garden, Archangel Uriel's special energy for dissolving negative patterns and releasing fears is strong. The Uriel room has a private entrance and adjoins to the Raphael room.

The Raphael room and Uriel rooms are booked together at £120 per night with two night stay minimum.

Maximum 3 people

Price: £240.00 - based on 1 adult staying for 2 night(s)
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