Angel & Crystal Healing

Angels, Crystals and Reiki workshops 
Daisy combines these three healing energies of Angels, Crystals and Reiki.  This is a perfect way to tune into the Angelic, Crystal and Mineral Kingdoms, harnessing their wisdom and special unique qualities of healing. You can experience the beautiful higher Angelic connection from heaven, the clear focus from the crystalline kingdom and the power of the reiki symbols.

Angels of Awakening Angelic Healing 
This is a process that will guide you to open your heart to powerful changes and resolving your issues. 
Angelic Guidance from the Angels of Avalon, one of the original creator angel realms. 

Matters That The Angels Can Assist You With: 
* Relationships * Confidence * Life balance * Stress * Anger Management * Depression * Grief * Anxiety * Addictions * Life transitions * Boost career and finance * Health * Seeking the power of letting go

Daisy's Aquamarine crystals 'Merlina' and 'Gaius' have colluded with 'Rosie' the beautiful Rose quartz crystal holding the 'Heart Energy' in the centre of her garden. They bring Angelic Guidance from the Angels of Atlantis to the Daisy Centres. Mix this with the power of the crystalline realms of inner earth and feel the Physical Chi, Universal energy of the Reiki Symbols from the Reiki Masters.

Daisy uses all her healing skills and various techniques to bring this unique healing art to life with amazing results. Choosing the most appropriate crystals from her own personal collection of Aquamarine, Rose, Clear Quartz and many more she leads you on a very deep Multi Dimensional transformational healing experience for your Mind Body and Soul. 

This Angels, Crystals and Reiki of Angels workshop is an introductory one. It  can be a whole day from 10 - 5pm or two half days 10.00 - 1.00 or 2.00  - 5.00. Daisy will offer these classes to 6 or more guests on request. You can decide when you want to arrange this workshop.

You can also invite Daisy to your hometown and hold individual classes of an Angel workshops, a Crystal Class, a Reiki Class or combine these workshops Angels, Crystals and Reiki as a one day workshop.It is often advisable to book a one to one healing of Angels, Crystals and Reiki with Daisy to integrate this experience.

Daisy also holds her Angels Of Awakening Reiki classes by request for those who already have an Usui Empowerment or the absolute beginner who wishes to be attuned to Reiki and become a Master. There is Level One, Level Two and Mastership.

Book now for a 1 hour session. Can be combined with any other of Daisy’s healing sessions, especially with Sound Activation. Allow 1.5 or 2 hours for the best results.

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