Egyptian Past Life Healing Retreat

Healer, Heal your Wounded Self,
Through your Egyptian Priestess or Priest Lineage 

Daisy and Paul know the Magnificent Temples and the Khemitian teachings of Ancient Egypt very well. After visiting these glorious temples and the great pyramids of Egypt every year, over a 15-year period from 1999 to 2014, they wish to share their knowledge with you.

Experience a unique past life regression workshop facilitated by Daisy Foss
Daisy brings the energies of the Ancient Wisdom of the Temples along the Nile to life through her guided meditations, light language, healing colours and sacred sounds of the Angels of Awakening.

Daisy Foss uses Merlin’s Healing art, Vortex Healing, Divine Energy Healing ® at Accessing Manifesting Intention (AMI) level and her knowledge from Isis, the Goddess of love to help you understand and heal these wounds. Along with the Angels Of Awakening, the Angels of The Angles, the Sacred Geometry Angels and the Angels of Alchemy.

We use past life regression and do this by taking you back to the original core wound, that has continued though all your lives. We clear these karmic wounds that have perpetuated through your cellular memory and caused deep emotional scars.

Nefertiti Says ‘You don’t need to be in Egypt, to be in Egypt!”

Golden Pyramid Healing from the Daisy Matrix
We use the Magic of Golden Pyramid Healing from the Daisy Matrix, the ancient art of the Flower of Life, the Flower of Love. The Gabriel room with its Golden Pyramid on its roof is the perfect place to experience the “Golden Mean Energy” of the Flower of Life. Daisy will explain and work with the Seed of Life and other sacred geometry symbols.

This workshop and retreat will help you to see your way forward, to rebirth, rebuild and transform yourself to your greatest potential, remembering your gifts and ‘Mystery School Wisdom of Ancient Egypt.’

This workshop can be a whole day from 10 - 5pm or two half days 10.00 - 1.00 or 2.00  - 5.00. We go with the flow during this retreat and decide the best time for the workshop in the moment. It is often advisable to book a one to one healing with Daisy to integrate this experience before you go back to your busy life.










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