Yoga Retreats & Weekend Breaks

Daisy Centres Retreat is perfect for all Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Five Rhythms dance and any other body movement teachers to come and give their classes here.

We have had many residential workshops, seminars, courses, meditation groups or esoteric classes who come to explore their divine potential, spiritual growth, illumination and transformation with all forms of healing, both for yourself and for the Planet.

The Sanctuary
We have two group meeting rooms, the one inside the house is called "The Sanctuary" it is a space of love that allows you to express your creativity through the medium of sacred music, drama, art and poetry. The room can hold 14 people on an informal basis or 12 seated.

The Gabriel Room
The other group room is in our large garden, with its very own glass pyramid in the centre of the ceiling so the rainbow light floods throughout the space, it is called Archangel Gabriel’s Music Healing Realm. This 22ft x 14ft summer house is bright and airy with lots of windows and a sprung oak wooden floor.

We have had many renowned sound healers use this space with small intimate groups of 10 to 12 participants seated or larger groups of 20 comfortably sitting in theatre style. For Yoga we have 12 people on their mats or Angelic Crystal Sound activations 17 people regularly lie down easily.

There is a nurturing atmosphere of Angelic Serenity that pervades the Daisy Centres making your stay that extra bit special.

Archangel Gabriel’s room is especially designed to be available for many activities. We clear out the sofas, plants and altars to fit your requirements; it is very flexible for your every need. It lends itself perfectly for Musical Workshops, Conscious Concerts, Sound Baths and Acoustic Serenading for all kinds of healing and entertainment.

The full capacity of the Archangel Gabriel Room changes with every different class or workshop. The sofas and comfy chairs seat 7 or 12 with some sitting on fold up chairs or on the floor.

We have had 28 in a circle for a week's long sound healing course and for one Summer Solstice Ceremony we squeezed in 35.

When the weather is good we have opened the double doors and the balcony becomes a stage for as many as 40 people sitting in the garden enjoying the sounds of the summer.

The Daisy Centre
The Daisy Centres Retreat is a beautiful location for anniversaries, conferences, pilgrimages, walking holidays, bird watching or just a relaxing stay in the country.

Daisy Centres is perfect for recovery from stress, bereavement, a long illness or any other state of health fragility.

Come for a long weekend full of pampering with a group of your friends. We have special deals for long stays and month-long retreats. Call us for more information.

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